5 Things We Learned From Steve’s Final Stand-Up Routine


In Steve’s final stand-up show, he covers a variety of topics: from things close to his heart to  life lessons he’s earned and learned. Here are just five of the many:

1. God is everything to him.

Steve begins his stand-up routine, like he does everything, by giving God the glory for his career to his sold-out crowd in Las Vegas. “If it wasn’t for God, I never, ever would have made it,” he admits.

2. God’s still working on him.

Although Steve is a Christian, he admits that he still has his struggles. “He ain’t through with me yet,” says Steve. He’s been working on his cursing, but hilariously curses while doing so.

3. There are some moments that are meant for cursing.

Steve can’t find replacement words for curse words and says that there are just some moments in life where only curse words can suffice. For instance, stubbing your toe in the middle of the night. Yeah… we’ve all been there.

4. Cussing at your kids is a must?

According to Steve, you get a better reaction from your kids if you throw in a few curse words every now and then. He urges us all to give it a try. “It’s very effective,” Steve says to his laughing crowd.

5. Cussing started back with Moses.

Just to be clear, Steve doesn’t believe Moses cussed. But he’s pretty positive the people around him did. Why? ‘Cause according to Steve, Moses was doing some crazy stuff. After all, how would you react if someone turned a stick into a snake?!

Only Steve can persuade us that cursing, children, and Moses go hand-in-hand.

Watch the first seven minutes here:

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