Cheating Their Way Into College

When this made headlines, I couldn’t believe it. In high school, my graduating class was 695 people. I graduated 690. ????????????No one obviously took tests for me, my Momma didn’t have money for that!

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  1. You are such an awesome spirit, & I look forward into the nxt chapter myself and the rest of your fans will follow you through side by side.
    Honestly the shows that you hosted the duration that you did, only you could have done them adding your innate gifts of wisdom, truth and humour that made us all wait in great anticapation for the next episode.
    Yea giving they have those whom they deem qualafied to step into that slot,
    The people all accross the globe know there is but “1”, you Mr. Harvey and they giving all they got, can not / will not come close to making all the slots you have graced be as great and memorable as you have done, no pun intended,
    Merely and Most humbly stating facts.
    Love and Respect you dearly,
    From Israel

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