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Backlot Comedy

This is how A PIMP PULL UP!

If you were wondering I’m still running these backlot streets.

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  1. Like the Godfather in the old SEE days said Steve “limping ain’t easy!”????????????

    1. It ain’t pimpin if you got it was glad to see you and Margie@yourbest friend furneral in Alabama sure would love to attend the vault conference in California pray that I receive a miracle between now and then thanks in advance MUCH LOVE ALWAYS.

  2. You are way too funny! What a great clip to create a great mood for today! Lol!!

  3. Dear Steve, love love love your morning messages on 105.3 every morning. I know you love EARTH WIND and Fire, I would like for you to play the track OPEN OUR EYES one morning. It has a great message for people to listen to.

  4. You are a very great man. You are my oldest, creative brother. We always pride you anywhere in the land

  5. I love it. Mr. Harvey always keeps it real.

  6. That’s right Uncle STEVE!!! Show’em how it’s done!!!

  7. Just a down to earth guy. Steve inspires me and makes me laugh. God bless!

  8. Great video, keeping it real and always acknowledge the fans that’s going to keep you always wanted and needed in the industry. God
    Bless stay positive, keep moving forward.

  9. How can I get tickets to the show?

  10. Hey Steve I remember you were doing a interview with Noah Jones on television not sure if it was Word network or TBN ….God is good….. I’m Borderline myself… God is Awesome

  11. Good Morning,
    Mr. Harvey…………….. Pimping & DriVing ain’T easy………………. your rolling, rolling, rolling, …….laugh ouT loud…………. 🙂

  12. I like the lady in the black she said who gave mr. Harvey the keys to the car that was so funny I love that????????????

  13. I like that game Harvey’s hundred right there one of these days I’m going to get a blessing from the Lord come on that show and play that game and get every one of them right and win the whole thing on the board????????????

  14. I see you Steve!!! Old school never die. Love you Steve. I watch you everyday. God bless you and your family.

  15. Keep it real.

  16. Steve u pimping in style. Nice!

  17. Love this man. He is never ashamed to talk about GOD.

  18. He’s silly

  19. You are so funny, Steve! I hope you take time to rest and enjoy life too.


  21. MR Harvey is a real pimp, he loves his fan and his fans love ❤️ him. I’ve never met him, but he’s my favorite uncle!!!!

  22. I really enjoyed that clip.

  23. Big Daddy!!! I <3 your style you are an inspiration!

  24. I love you as a person Uncle Steve. Always puttig a smile on someone’s face. You have helped me get through multiple myeloma, the lost of my leg, and being on dialysis. I am a single mom raising 2boys. And you have inspired me not to give up. It’s hard sometimes but I keep fighting to live and raise my boys right! Thanks man!

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