Be a Leader | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

Most people don’t want the responsibility of being a leader, but let me tell you the consequences of being a follower. As a follower, you just go along with whatever… Do you know how many adjustments you have to make as a follower?

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  1. Hello Steve

    I just want to say thank you sir for all the words and advice you have given me. Because of you…I jumped and im fallng but I pray my wings will open or that parachute, I’ve been writing for year’s but never thought to apply it in my life or destiny. All my life being a black man I was taught just to get an education and get a good job, well I took that path and it wasn’t working, I got a degree I can’t do anything with but a student loan that won’t stop coming for me…its even with an institute that soon my degree wont mean a thing. But I want this to be known my book will get me on your show to finally meet you and thank you in person.

  2. I have watched most of the videos you have shared on the motivation series. Thank you for sharing these amazing words of yours. They have touched my heart .I have shared them with many of my friends and family. I’m thankful for them, and they have helped me heal from my hurts and wounds in my soul. Blessings on you!

  3. You and Kathy Lee Gifford should do a Late Night show.. You both sparkle when playing offing to each other. You do stand up, she sings, you have guests. It would be much better than anything that’s on late night now.

  4. Thanks Mr. Harvey for speaking on becoming a leader . The Holy Spirit spoke to me about a month ago to teach on becoming a leader and what it takes to become a strong leader. I thank God for your teachings and how you give back telling your life experiences. My mission is to make people life better. I want so much more for our young people today. I pray every day that they would just listen. I’m not trying to get in their business what I want them to do is dream big to be a blessing to others. Mr. Harvey thanks for all you do because one day I will ride in a corporate jet and speak words of wisdom to young people souls.

  5. Steve Harvey I’m glad The Lord led you through your personal life lessons because I can share YOU with my young (ages 21 and 15) daughter’s. You see “mom” don’t know a ga dam thang! Right?!? I, in my own words have shared ALL the knowledge you’ve shared….. awwww 🖕🏻… WHAT EV…..😴🥱🙄😩😣😶… all the emoji’s ⬆️⏫⤴️Is what I get from them. BUT I’m gonna keep talken! Cuz one day my persistence will pay off! PLUS I’m forwarding all your inspirational vids to them. THANK YOU STEVE❣️

  6. what is the meaning of this sentence :
    The man come in and decide I’m having layoffs.
    And he hand you a slip and it’s Christmas.
    What, that wasn’t in your plans
    Thank for your great speech that makes us motivate.

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