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I was told that I would never be NOTHING. I don’t care how dark it looks to you. I don’t care what anybody has said to you. I don’t care what verdict is, what the haters say… Prayer changes things.

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  1. Good morning Sir ! Am being inspired by your motivated teachings and how to get there successfully.
    We shall all be one.

  2. Good morning Mr. Harvey,
    I am so inspired by You. You are an amazing human being. Thank You and I thank God each morning for waking me up. Thank You for sharing your wisdom.
    Yesterday, while at work I received a Facebook message from one of my followings and miraculously a video from you started playing. It was the two things we must do.. I am so inspired by that video however unfortunately it disappeared from my feed as soon as it ended. I have been searching every where for it. Can You please provide a link to this video.
    Thank You
    With appreciation and Gratitude

    1. Hi Joane, check out Steve’s Motivated videos here:

  3. Hi Steve, I need to hear that . Sometimes I feel lost as a person , women and mother. I am a single mother of 5 children, I am also a full time college student, trying to reach my goal in becoming a nurse. I admire your strength, because watch that video, made me feel much more confident, not to give up. I appreciate it, thanks you.

  4. Good afternoon Mr. Harvey,
    It has been a pleasure watching you transform into the man God called you to be. My name is Shantia Hamler and I am 24 years old. For twenty-three years I was lost confused about my identity and my purpose here on earth. I am just an average girl who grew up with my father in my life and due to his lack of involvement I began searching for my identity in all the wrong places, wrong men, wrong friendships and wrong habits. Eventually I got tired of smoking, drinking, partying every night that I began to dig deep within myself and turned my pain into purpose. In life so many of us get stuck in our own ways and trying to figure life out on our own without God, but I learned that God doesn’t need you to be perfect he’s just looking for a willing vessel. Our real job on earth is to fulfill our purpose on this earth so that God can get the glory. I appreciate all that you’ve done in our communities and I look forward to seeing you soon.

    P.S God dropped a vision in my imagination of me doing an interview on your TV show. God is not a God that he shall lie so I shall be seeing you soon. The moment we surrender unto to God is the moment of life’s transform in a way that no eye has seen and no war has heard.

    Thank you again for answering the calling on your life.

    In gratitude,
    Shantia Hamler


  6. Uncle Steve, you are such an inspiration to me. I thank God for the opportunity to be mentored by you and to work with you in the future. I appreciate all that you do and your motivation has definitely impacted my life more than I have time to say right here. God is positioning me for greater, and I look forward to working with you soon. I am claiming this opportunity by Faith in the mighty name of Jesus. God is so amazingly awesome and I do believe if he did it for you he is the same God to do it for me. Thank you for being obedient and sharing your testimony with the world.

  7. Steve Harvey I love y’all shows and inspire me more even though I going to some up and downs and I’ve been going through it a long time and I’m still trying to don’t give up but again really hard time for one day I wish for God chance some things forme

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