Write Your Vision

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The Apollo Story | Motivated +

In 1991 I was sleeping in my car, I had $35 to my name.

Ask, Believe, Work | Motivated +

God has a great life for you.

God’s Grace | Motivated

God's grace is so good.

Gifted | Motivated

When I was young, I didn't understand my gift.

A Man Is As He Thinks | Motivated

If you want to be successful, you have to change your mindset.

My Biggest Obstacle Was Me | Motivated

The fear of failure is real, here's how you get past this.

Write Your Vision | Motivated +

If you do these two things, it will change your life.

The Man Hunt | Motivated With Steve Harvey

Take the pressure off yourself and relax.

He Delivers | Motivated With Steve Harvey

I don't listen to what nobody tells me, once I write down my vision.

Teaching Moments | Motivated

A lot of people are afraid to jump, a lot of people are afraid to take chances

Reaching Your Potential | Motivated

You are a seed from God. God made you in his likeness. Your potential is limitless, remember that.

Don’t Let The Devil Steal Your Destiny | Motivated

You have to believe you are who God made you to be.

Wake Up Right

I was going through a rough period in my life.

Perfection Doesn’t Exist | Motivated

God takes you just the way you are.

How To Block Negative Thoughts | Motivated

Your track record of surviving bad days is 100%.

God Has A Path For You

Through your trials, God toughens you along the way.

No Elevator To The Top | Motivated +

You have to take the stairs in life.

Imagination Is Everything | Motivated +

The things that have been in your imagination... you have to start working on them.

If You Change Your Attitude It Will Change Your Altitude

If you're like me, you're constantly trying to improve yourself.

Think Yourself Successful

You are in control of how you set the tone of your day.

Prayer Changes Things

Don't forget to pray, don't be ashamed to pray, and don't be too proud to pray.

Get Your Own Blue Ribbon

What I can tell you is that you can't out-faith me, you can't out-believe me, you can't out-hustle me.

Faith Makes It Possible

Faith doesn't make it easy, faith makes it possible!

Meet Bela Gandhi, Dating and Relationship Expert

She's the founder of Smart Dating Academy and a weekly media correspondent

At One Point In Time You Have To Take A Chance On You

When you take a chance on you, you're taking a chance on God!

Purpose on Fire

There’s no better time than right now to define what’s truly important to you

Walking In Your Purpose, Living In Your Gift

When the alarm clock goes off in the morning and you're not happy about it, you aren't doing what you want to do.

Life Is A Series Of Peaks And Valleys

If you are trying to get through life without God, YOU ARE TRIPPING! YOU NEED GOD!

When God Puts The Wind Under Your Wings

God put the wind under my wings and showed me my purpose.

How to Be Successful

Manage to your strengths and know what they are.

There Is A Higher Power

If you do not include God in your life, you're making a horrible mistake.

Keep Looking Forward

Unforgiveness is like poison, you've heard this before... forgiveness is for you and not the other person.

Use Your Imagination To Be Great

The biggest thing that has always troubled me was my imagination, it was so big as a kid.

Preview the Coming Attractions in Your Life

Albert Einstein has a famous quote "Imagination is everything. It is the preview to life’s coming attraction."

Turn Back Moments Define Who You Are

When I got into comedy at 27 years old, I had a turn back moment.

Are your prayers too small?

Use these Scriptures.

Live A Better 2019 With This In Mind

If you are reading this in 2019, God has a calling on your life.

Remain on “Faith Street”

When you ask God for something he boxes it up and ships it immediately.

The Difference Between Broke and Rich

During a recent break, I told my audience about the time a linguist told me my grammar was "improper."

Merry Christmas from Steve Harvey

You never know when God is going to bless you with something unexpectedly.

You Got to Follow That Dream

Explore your imagination and identify your gift so you can stop tripping and make your dreams happen.

New Year’s Eve on FOX

I'm thinking BIG for this year's show!

Steve Making Cameos

I'm making cameos in your favorite FOX TV shows

Upgrade Your Friends

If you're the smartest person in your group, you need a new group.

Make A Vision Board

The bible says to "write your vision and make it plain". If you're not using a vision board to achieve your dreams... start.

Read The Scriptures And Hustle

To be a success, you must hustle everyday and keep God in your life.

Beat Holiday Blues: 4 Ways to Budget Ahead of the Holidays

How to Save Money, While Still Finding the Perfect Gifts

The Power of Perseverance

How Staying the Course in Your Relationship is the Sexiest Thing Ever

Take Chances in Life

If you want to be successful you have to take chances in life.

Voter Registration

Getting Out The Vote

How Changing The Words You Use Can Change Your Life

Speak the change you want into existence.

How to Stay Motivated When Life Gets Hard

Change starts by taking action.

If You Want Your Life To Change, Then You Need To Add Gratitude

Steve talks about the importance of having a positive attitude.

Stop Waiting… It’s Time For You To Jump

Don't let your fears stop you from realizing your greatness.

This Is the Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself Today

“There always has to be a 'what’s next.'” Steve Harvey, Act Like a Success, Think Like A Success