Steve Harvey Stories | Success Is Like An Acorn

I asked Joshua and Chaz to help me tell some of my life stories. This one is about some of the challenges in my life, I call it dirt. When you get some dirt on you, use it like fertilizer and grow from it. Being successful ain’t easy, but just like an oak tree that grows from an acorn – get used to the dirt… that’s what it takes to be an oak tree. That’s what it takes to be successful.

Check out more of their work here: www.drawnoutjosh.com/ and here: www.chazbottoms.com. Hit me up in the comments and let me know what you think.

I met Joshua at a Family Feud taping with his mom. During breaks, I take Rapid Fire questions from my audience. His mom asked me “What advice do you have for a SCAD graduate?” He probably expected me to say something like… work hard and network… but instead, I gave him an opportunity to work with my team after I found out that he studied animation. Joshua’s partner’s name is Chaz – check out the first episode. My first kiss!

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