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Bouncing Back From Betrayal

Do you stay or do you ghost?

By Jessica H. Johnson

No matter how great it seems, relationships aren’t always sunshine and rainbows. While we celebrate joy, there are tougher moments that can show you who you’re really dealing with. One of those moments is dealing with betrayal, and navigating your way back to happiness.

It’s unpleasant to think about, but when dealing with another person, there’s a chance that they will cross a line and betray you. Sometimes feelings are hurt, egos bruised, or people are dishonest. The result is everyone sent limping to their separate corners to regroup and heal their wounds. The question is: what comes next? Whether it’s in dating or just in life, when someone you care about disappoints you, we don’t want to admit that the relationship is forever changed. If you value the person, then you have to figure out how to either forgive. If not, then it’s time to move around. Either way, we have some helpful hints to get you back to your best life.

Speak Up!

Despite how tempting it may be to “ghost” someone if they’ve hurt you, it’s quite possible that it was all a huge misunderstanding. Texts get misinterpreted, tones get testy, and sometimes people really do say things they don’t mean. If you can find your voice in a disagreement, you should be able to find it to explain what made things do off the rails. Communication is key. If the person means as much as you say they do and vice versa, Taking time to express how you feel is really the first step to getting back on track.

Manage Your Expectations

You are uniquely you. Your upbringing, education, environment and experiences are things that no one else has. They shape how you interpret and interact with the world around you. Most people cite the similarities between them their friends, and their loves. When we do this, we completely forget that other’s unique upbringings, education, environment and experiences helped shape their worlds. So anytime you have a falling out, have some grace and remember they just may not see things the way that you do and perhaps they never will.

Set Your Boundaries

If what happened is something you simply cannot let go easily, it may be time to evaluate what exactly is the root of your frustration. Was there real malice or is it possible that you were being too sensitive that day? If a line was truly crossed, you may decide to give the offender the benefit of the doubt, but make sure you let them know where things went wrong so they don’t do it again. If you decide that it’s time to turn them loose, make sure that they know why so you don’t have to suffer through awkward phone calls and weird interactions.

Remember, once you’ve been betrayed, it’s 100% your decision on how to handle it. Whatever you decide to do, it’s all about your level of comfort and how you wish to move forward. You get to choose who has a place in your life. Make sure you’re always surrounded by love.

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  1. People know when they cross the line. How much remorse do they have? If they’re sorry for what they did, they’ll take steps to mend the relationship on their end.

  2. Betrayal is an understatement. My spouse continued to cheat to the point that I left the home and the agreed upon counseling didn’t help. It got so bad the mistress threatened me even when my spouse and I decided to try again at repairing our marriage, I got so fed up that I walked away for good. Now I’m bitter and probably will never marry again or at least give the new guy no room for error.

  3. Betrayal is very hurtful. Especially when you are Blind sided..Then the questions start coming..I also think betrayal is so very disrespectful not only to the one that is being betrayed but also to the marriage/relationship.. As we all know marriage vows states: What GOD has form together let no one pull it apart!
    I was married over 3 decades the first thing I thought about when I did find out about the betrayal was, how it would not only affect me, but how it would affect all of my family, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews etc..our entire union.
    I dont think when people make decisions they dont consider the ripple effect that decision causes!

  4. Betrayal is one of the most hurtful thing that can mold your life forever. I was married at an early age (20) to get out the house from a very strict military father. Not that I didn’t love my husband because I did but I wasn’t ready to marry. I married to get out the house. Basically I jumped right into the fire. My husband was worse than my father. I stayed married to him for 30 years until his death. The marriage was full of physical and mental abuse. I was too ashamed to tell people I was being abused. We had two daughters and to this day they both are in their 40’s and neither are married. I think it’s because of the way I was treated they have trust issues. I’ve always wanted to tell this horror story about this abusive married. I one day want to tell my story through a book. Maybe one day I will.

  5. I was betrayed by a friend. I was very good to this person. I found out they just used me to get comfortable in my department at work. They stepped on me to be popular.. He would send hateful messages to the my co-workers about me and tell them everything I told him in secret. It’s so tough to get over something like this because I was so good to this person. I did not see the betrayal coming.

  6. Commitment is supposed to be a vow from one soul to another, I have seen way to many people get together for all of the wrong reason. Then it does not work, they want to play the injured party. Most people know who they are joining up with, some how they seem to believe that it will be better with them. These people live in fantasy land until reality slaps them into life. This is the reason for taking a reason to getting a person before marriage. Maybe the divorce courts would not be so full. Mr. Harvey, thanks for inspirational comments that you give in the morning on the radio.
    Robin A Farris.

  7. I understa how yhou feel but u hv to 4gv hem to keep gtin ur blessingu will feel so much better

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