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Don't let anyone, including yourself, distract you from your dream.

Do not let people’s opinion of you determine your direction. The answer to your success is purely between you and your relationship with God.

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  1. Loving your newly updated face!
    I love the salt & Pepper effect.
    You look oh so much more dapper!

  2. I really enjoyed your show last year, but I have to say this season really sucks. You have turned your show into another dating show. And that airplane scene with the bachelors……..that was by far the most juvenile attempt to create humor that I have ever seen. Reminds me of the Howdy Doody show of the 60’s. Sorry Steve but you did have a good show. Now your just like the rest of the dating shows

  3. Steve, I don’t watch a lot of daytime TV, but I do like you and your show. WHAT THE F why a beard ???? Why would you want to cover up that handsome face??? I suppose I’ll get used to it and of course, it is your face, so you can do whatever you want with it. I do like your show. Sandy

  4. Hi Mr. Steve Harvey,
    I just want to say how much I admire you for what you are doing in your life and other peoples life.
    I can see your heart for the people. You are the real deal!!! Thank you for investing in our youths the
    way you and your family are doing. When my son was a teenager he didn’t have that opportunity to be inspired
    by men such as you. I pray for you that God will open your heart to expand this to something even greater. We are
    loosing our young men to this new modern slavery called prison. When these kids get out of prison they don’t have
    anyone to turn to. I thought this was my purpose to build Youth Center that will build these young boys and girls up from
    inside out. Steve we have to get out of this Willie lynch syndrome. There are so many men out there that have a platform
    and can use their platform to help the poor and voiceless. If you don’t have a voice no one wants to talk to you about anything.
    I keep hearing you say never give up and I am taking your advice. So I am asking you to help get all of the brothers together
    that has a voice people like you, basket ball players, baseball, football, rappers, pastors, actors and actresses, Oprah, Tyler Perry,
    Magic Johnson, churches, to come together to build these youths centers in these poverty communities that are taking are kids life.
    I know what it is to lose a son to the system and in church four to five days of the week praying. This vision has to be birth before I leave
    this earth. Thanks for listen and keep on letting God use you to help young women and men with the advice you give. You are a minister
    in the work that you do.

    Thanks for being the man your mom and dad raised you to become. Let God use you people see your heart.

    Cheryl Clark

  5. Steve Love you but lately notice your jackets are getting a little small around your middle, love the double breasted jackets on you very smart looking.

  6. Somebody pleeeeassssseeee tell Steve Harvey to cut that beard, leave the mustache but shave off the beard
    I’m surprised that Marjory would allow Steve to wear that beard .
    My husband wears a mustache but not a scraggly beard like Steve
    Vicky Brown

  7. I am not loving your new look. Your going natural makes you look not like yourself. You do look a lot older and act a lot younger.. I like the old look.


  8. Why oh why would you do that to your face last I heard you made 60 the beard makes you look 75 maybe 80 not a good thing Steve

  9. Steve I always watched your show. But you need to let the bearded go. Also I liked the suits before you got them cut tighter. You have a wonderful style and the suits look like the are to SMALL.

  10. First and foremost, I love everything you do!! Secondly, on today’s show I don’t think the guys should have known on the front end that the mom would be selecting the guy who would go out with her daughter. I think their more real self would have been on display if the men had NOT known. What’d think??

  11. I love your show!, but really wish you would keep the street lingo out !! I am really tired of people not speaking proper ENGLISH!! It is spelled. .. ASK not AKS !!! Thank you !!

  12. I was going to say how much older u look with the beard but I see everyone is letting u kniw. But I agree with them. And especially about the one about your wife keeping herself up. So if u are going for old looking then keep the beard

  13. I am watching your show right now and that divorce attorney gave the most awful advice or no advice at all!!! You had far more inciteful advice but you fell short with the man who quit full time to go partime to help his wife but just sleeps instead. He needs to go back to a full time job so she doesn’t have the additional burden of having to earn MORE money with her startup because HE’S earning less AND Obviously NOT helping with the new business!!!

  14. Charisma needs to freeze her eggs immediately! Then they will be when she finds her man you are going to help her find.

  15. I’ve watched you tv shows for years and just wanted to tell you that your new look (beard, and clothes) is most flattering Ps. I think men with gray in hair and beard are hot!

  16. Hey Steve, I love your show this season. I did not care for it last season. The interviews with the stars were boring, not that you were boring but I was just not interested in how many years that they were married, and how many kids they have etc… I had to fast forwarded a lot of your show last season but this season is the bomb! lol
    Thank you for making us laugh. You are awesome!
    God bless you and your family.

  17. HI STEVE,

  18. Hi Steve. I love all your shows and Family Feud. Me and my husband watch Family Feud every night. The only thing I have to say is that you looked much more handsome without the beard. It makes you look scruffy and older. No Shade. We love you and ur wonderful wife. 🙏🏽🌈🙏🏽🙏🏽💖💖💖💖🎉🎉🎉

  19. Serious. Please consider running for President of the United States. I’m really hearing this in my heart.
    Sue Cogswell

  20. I really enjoy watching all the shows. Intact you have inspired me a lot. Which I could contact you I want to do talk shows but would love to get some help.

    May God continue to use you

  21. Steve, you are my guy-but iI like the clean shaven look instead. It shows of your dimples.

  22. I’ve been following you for many years Steve I’ve seen you evolve and watched you grow in God’s grace and mercy. Thank you for sharing your journey with me. I have a goal and have had one since I was 17 years old and life has brought another one to me I love to have your ear to listen to my Ministry to help me put in motion.
    Any for real advice?

  23. Mr Harvey,
    I listen to your morning inspiration just about every morning but today’s message 10/5/18 really touched my soul. You were encouraging to never give up no matter how hard things get or you won’t be able to see what God has for you. I’m embarrassed to say I was considering sucide, recently a chain of events has made me feel overwhelmed. As a single mother with no financial help a career in nursing life has been challenging. But I just wanted to take the time to say thank you! Your words are reaching people like me who need to hear there is hope. After hearing you this morning it just brought tears to my eyes and I knew I just have to be strong and keep going. Again thank you for being a blessing to me!

  24. Hi MR Harvey. I love watching Family Feud, and my number one reason YOU LOOK JUST LIKE MY HUSBAND or my HUSBAND LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU . Our biggest desire is to meet you in person.

  25. Hi Mr. Harvey,
    Congratulations on all of your endeavors. When listening to your morning show I always look forward to hearing those wisdom nuggets you throw our way. One day last week you passed on words of encouragement to never give up which is something I refuse to do. My life has been like a rollercoaster that won’t stop. I take care of my young adult son who is a brain tumor survivor, who is fighting for his life against end-stage renal disease, Addison’s disease, diabetes, and hypothyroidism just to name a few of the medical issues he currently suffers with. He recently had his hand amputated this past Spring and he suffers with chronic whole body pain. He goes to dialysis 3 times a week and he needs a kidney/pancreas transplant. I lost my job and home while caring for him and we will lose all of our possessions in our storage unit as of tomorrow afternoon. I am trying hard to keep my car because I have to take my son back and forth to dialysis. My son and I share a room in someone else’s home. However, even though I have endured many losses and long suffering, I know there is a purpose for it. I know that I will keep my head up and continue to fight with my son on this medical journey. I know that there is someone out there that may be going through something similar but have given up hope and they need to know fight a good fight and hold on. Through everything my son and I have gone through my hearts desire is for him to have his transplant but while waiting for that I would like to start a foundation in honor of my son to help other single parents that are caring for an young adult child with serious medical problems. There are so many programs for children under 18 and seniors over 65 but there are none for those between 18-65 that the single parent can utilize. I hope to one day be able to create a program to help others. I know this was long but I just wanted to share. God bless you and your family and keep inspiring, encouraging and motivating us to be better individuals.❤️

  26. Hello Mr. Harvey
    I love the work you do, and all that you do for others that are less fortunate. When I am down, there is something that you would say to either make me smile, and feel better about myself. I appreciate everything you do and the inspiration, the knowledge, and the motivation you give to everyone.

  27. I young lady asked a question today about offering to pay or contribute towards dinner. I use that as a tool ….. if the guy takes me up on my offer to chip in then he’s out!!!

  28. Hello Steve! First off, I love your new look! There are beards, then there is Steve Harvey’s beard. #Loveit! This article about ‘opinions’ is so on point. It needs no other additions, nor captions. Thank you for sharing it. It is very timely for me and I’ve finally reached that plateau in my life where I really don’t care what others think about me anymore. Keep sharing and inspiring us!!!

  29. This is 100% so true! Thank you Steve, for the encouraging words!

  30. A must read ” Same Kind of Different aas Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. A story about a black man and a white man and their life struggles. I use this book a lot with my prison ministry. A story sent from the heavens above.

  31. I just want to say, Thank you!

  32. I am floored at some of these comments. I want say they are negative, but always remember, if you are going to give advice, leave suggestions, take your own advice, and most importantly, please focus on the message.

  33. Letting go of the opinion one has had for themselves is the hardest one of all. THAT opinion (in my opinion, lol) is the root of ALL other opinions. Afterall how you truely feel about yourself drives your thoughts and behaviors towards others.

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