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Brain Drops: Haters

Don't hate the player; change the game.

Do not stop for haters, I repeat do not stop for haters. Just keep going, don’t allow people o determine your outcome.

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  1. Awesome!! Hate comes with the plate Uncle Steve!!!!!

  2. I love the quote “Keep your haters in your classroom”. That’s so true!

  3. Hey, Steve
    Remember, the story about Joseph in the bible, his brothers hated him and looked what happed he took care of them all. There will always be haters. Got it Steve, keep passing the truth on!

  4. How can you hate on someone who does so much for the community? People don’t have to live with you so why waste time hating on you? Instead see the good in someone you do not know personally. Oh yeah the blogs and gossip columns are not a good source! Save that energy for something good. Hating will not stop someone’s blessings and hard work. Keep doing the wonderful things with your foundations and specifically my favorite mentoring young boys who have no male figures in the household. You do so much for others I can’t wrap my head around the haters!

  5. Haters should motivate anyone to stay on their grind; give them something to hate.

  6. Steve I listen to your show every morning faithfully. Thank God he guided me to listen closely today. I love this quote “Keep Your haters in your classroom” even listening to you say how many people would love to see you fall. I am 50 years old an in a few days (December 15th) Thanks be to god I will be receiving my “Masters of Science Degree in Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigations”. Steve you have been an inspiration to many. I will be sure to keep my haters #some family members#friends#associates in my classroom. Thank you steve I will faithfully read this website for inspiration. You are a blessing.

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