Built For Troubled Waters

Comedy is a hard business… My office used to be a microphone, mic stand, bar stool, and a glass of water. By the grace of God, I turned this into a career. At one point in life, you have to JUMP! You CAN NOT play it safe your whole life.

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  1. Steve Harvey you are such an awesome man! You’ve climbed the ladder to success, and now you are giving back to whomever you can. Love your messages. You share the message of God to others. Thank you for all that you do. God Bless You!

  2. Amazing sermon. You preached that very well Steve. God bless you and your family immeasurably. In the mighty name of his son King Yeshua Hamashiach. Amen

  3. That’s so Brave ,but when you work in a place that doesn’t give you a chance to exel and your not there kind it won’t happen. I’m 62 years old so now I’m Retired and that experience at my last employment inspired me to wite my book. Thank you Steve I just have to finish it.

  4. Thanks Steve. Your comedy & Family Feud brighten my day. Pleaae dont change & quit like Oprah did. I only get local TV. You are vital to me. I love your teaching that I catch is real good encouraging & motivational to me. Love pics of you & Marjorie. You inspire me & give me hope. I AM 70 AND alone. You help me keep going. I’m so glad you & your family teach the youth. Thankyou so much for everything.

  5. What a great inspiration he is… God is good!!

  6. Uncle Steve! I mean Mr. Harvey 😂 This speech gave me the boost to “JUMP” I worked hard since I was 11 yrs old from Little ole town called Kalamazoo,MI. “Yes , There really is a Kalamazoo “ !!! I’m currently Own a It Consulting firm in Atlanta, GA. I’m frustrated with the computer outsourcing that the Government does outsource Foreign countries and it’s a struggle for Female Minorities owned Businesses. . I’ve been funny all my life since Kindergarten the teacher thought something was wrong me i would always make the kids laugh. I ready to take my future in the Film/tv/comedy business. Help be my Mentor to get there!! Thank you Uncle Steve for leading the way andmovating me to jump!!! Continuing blessings to you 🙏🏽

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