Don’t wake up a single day without doing this first

Wake up every day and go down a list of things and tell God what you are grateful for. 

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  1. Speak the truth! You are so right. Everyday have an attitude of gratitude. God keeps on blessing those who show thankfulness in everything.

  2. I am so grateful to be a child of the King; grateful for my family, especially being blessed with grandchildren! Grateful for my Pastor and my church family; grateful God has blessed me to work my job whereas I’ve been able to get up for 43 years and go to work everyday; grateful to work a second job whereas I gave them 20 years of weekends and have retired from 2nd job!

  3. I am grateful that I’m alive and that God has given me another day , I know God is good.. Steve I pray every morning and throughout the day and night . My daughter is going through alot of stuff .. I have a whole book that I could write but I know that you don’t have time to read it . Could you please send some please say some prayer for her.. I pray for her and all my family I just need a little more help with some prayers for her .. Thank you Steve I listen to all you say .. and I’m sure grateful I have been listening to you everything you have shared is right cause with God all is possible..

  4. We need an attitude of gratitude !!! God is so Good !!! If you are still among the living I’m Blessed and thankful 🙏

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