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Fear cripples you on so many levels… Let me tell you what you can do to overcome whatever fear you’re facing. You have to move past this and get to your dreams.

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  1. I have been a fan of your program for years. And have seen many things that you for people from different walks of life. My youngest son has has difficulty accomplishing things because he made a mistake when he was young. He has tried to keep his record clean for many years . He would like to start a business of his own , but has not been able to. He would like to start a food truck business. He has been working on it , but has not has any success. He is a hard worker , a good son and a great father. Would appreciate your help very much. Any suggestions?

  2. Mr Steve, you inspire me in everywhere,
    I ask myself again,can I ever be like you ???

  3. Thank you for this! I seemed to have lived with some form of fear since I was younger than a teen. I am now 59 years old and still have some fear in my life.

  4. I love you Steve Harvey. I always dream of being married to someone like you. You are such an amazing human being. So kind, caring. Marjorie and you make a wonderful couple. I watch all your shows and all my friends think the same. I’m so happy that you e achieved what you have…..

  5. Thank you for your motivation my husband and eye have been going through a very difficult time due to health reasons. Listening to your motivation every day and not giving up mean we are now about to move into our forever home, we have our dream campervan and I am about to start a job that I love. Thank you Steve x

  6. I have fear all the times about trying to get my goals accomplished all the times and I’m an freelance photographer and I’m always try to get the best shots and photos but I keep getting knocked down bye the other photo go all the time and now I’m having fear about doing it now cause they think that they are better than other people and they really try to put fear in them no matter what

  7. Love this thank you for this motivation! So needed today

  8. Mr. Harvey I got to let you know you are my inspiration my mentor in this life aside from my lord and savior Jesus Christ, ty for every mining’s that I wake up with you and the crew,I’m a New Yorker but moved to Atl, it up would to share some stuff with you but of line ok love you in Christ stay strong my brother god bless you and family and your crew darn good job keep on keeping up peace.

  9. It’s not enough to dream big. People are spending too much time dreaming big and not enough time taking action! Faith without works is DEAD. You didn’t get to where you are by just dreaming big, you took intentional action.

  10. Well, pray for me.

  11. Fear robs you from moving forward, don’t fear’ just do it, trust yourself, and be confident.

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