Experience Is Priceless

I had been praying to God in 2015 to increase my global brand and persona. I wanted to go global. That was my prayer. After the Miss Universe competition, I became the biggest idiot in the history of television. But guess what happened… 48 hours later. I was the most Googled person in 10 years. 4 BILLION impressions in 48 hours. I was the most globally famous person on planet earth. I DID NOT LIKE THE ROUTE, I thought God was very unfair… but he gave me what I asked for.

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  1. This was exactly right. Couldn’t have been said better

    Thank You Mr Harvey for sharing

  2. I appreciate your transparency. My husband and I have been self employed since 1993 and when things look bleak we watch your videos and are often encouraged by your struggles.

  3. Thank you for such uplifting messages of motivation>3. I truly appreciate it. All things work together for good, amen>3. Keep on shinIng God’s love and lght>3. I am so very proud of you/all>3.

    Sending love to you & Marjorie/the family>3. We love and appreciate you all so very, dearly>3.

    May God continue to BLESS YOU ALL ABUNDANTLY>3! Lots of love and hugs>3.

    God bless>3.

    P.S.: You are fearfully and wonderfully made>3. Respectfully, the word “idiot” does not belong or apply to you .
    Keep on bringing the funny. You are HILARIOUS!

    To this day I STILL love “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”.

  4. Hello Steve,
    Great Story!
    God want give you more than you can bare.
    God knew you could handle it!!

    Mechca Prince

  5. Hello Mr.Harvey,
    I don’t know if your going to read this or not. I just would like to tell you that you are an inspiration to my life. I was into for over 20 years. In and out of rehab centers. Finally I got it right. 2009 God changed me. Your inspirational videos you have helps me to keep going. I am your fan to the end. You make me feel like I have a future. I do want to Thank You for all You have done for me.

    Felicia Austin

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