Get Focused | Motivational Talk With Steve Harvey

Don’t let the devil rob you of your destiny. Get focused!

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  1. I have being following Steve Harvey comedy and I am so much impressed with his good works.
    I need him to help me with some problems of my life how can I get to him.
    Romeo from Ghana

  2. I am a grandmother in desperate need of help for a very defiant teenage grandson who I have guardianship for. I have reached out everywhere possible to get help with mental health issues for my grandson. Please help me help him before its too late. I feel he is a threat to me and others in the home. He has past deep down trauma and I need help with him. I need somebody to get through to him that how his behavior is affecting me.

  3. Hallo I want to jump .I need help publishing my book

  4. I’m born in1957. Same year as Steve Harvey. Mr. Steve Harvey. I respect this man

  5. I have been through a lot of ugly relationships. The men were ugly inside and out and I think I have the worst. Or he could be the best. I believe Steve is blessed not just with fame. He is a special person in my life. I listened to him about everything I see him in or on 🤔. Family fuef .I still watch his show.

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