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Corral the chaos in your kitchen with these simple solutions

By Amanda Garrigus

At the risk of stating the obvious, these days, we are spending a lot more time at home. The global pandemic has us locked down, to varying degrees depending on where we live and how risk-averse we are, and as such, our homes are getting a lot more of our attention.

Ask any contractor or interior designer, heck, ask any homeowner, and they will tell you that sprucing up their interior spaces has become ever more important. From re-imagining home offices to reorganizing kitchens, no room has escaped the restless gaze of its inhabitants.

If you’re feeling like millions of others, and hankering to improve your living spaces but aren’t sure where to begin, may we humbly suggest the kitchen. There is nothing like an organized kitchen to bring a sense of peace and order to a home. We’ve sourced some amazing organizational tools to help you get this most central of rooms in tip top shape. All you need to bring is the will to succeed and some muscle.

Beside the Sink

It’s the dish rack you never knew you needed.

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Sponges, scrub brushes, and steel wool, oh my! Keep them upright and air drying like a boss with a sink caddy you can be proud of.

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Over the Sink

Looking to save space? An over-the-sink dish rack is a perfect solution for the small kitchen.

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Under the Sink

Chances are the area under your sink is a cluttered mess of dish soaps, various rarely used containers, and possibly some long neglected sponges. Oh, just me? Well, either way, a little added shelving can’t hurt.

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Inside the Cabinets

Does opening your cabinets feel like an ambush led by a company of pot lids and muffin tins? Get those dishes to fall in line with a few metallic dividers.

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Retrieving pots and pans from your cabinets need not feel like you’re navigating a minefield. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, as with these so-basic-they’re-brilliant wire racks.

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Beside the Stove

Cooking is so much easier when the utensils you need are ready at hand. Keep them within arms reach with pretty holders.

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Spice things up with this lovely rack. Enough said.

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Inside the Pantry

Many of us have a little (or way too much) extra time on our hands, which, when we’re feeling motivated, can afford us the opportunity to tackle some of those long postponed projects. Like organizing the pantry. Simple, clear plastic containers keeps food items from disappearing from view and from getting scattered around in a disorganized mosh pit of dry goods.

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On the Counter

There are knife storage solutions a plenty, but the classic block is our personal favorite.

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Decanting isn’t just for wine! Bring some calm to your countertops by eliminating the cacophony of product labels and mismatched bottles and pour your favorite olive oil and vinegar into these zen chic containers instead.

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In the Drawers

Friends don’t let friends live without cutlery dividers. Get yours.

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