Go Be Different | Motivated With Steve Harvey

Quit letting people tell you the route to success when clearly God created you to be different.

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  1. Steve am from your home town remember Mother Harvey and u saling suits and that old 🚗 in your mom back yard. I work for your 👪. @Sirrah 🏠. I was a entertainer they they introduce u as the next biggest comedian. Yes hard work never 🔴 dreaming. Never 🔴 grinding and believe in u. Thanks 🏡. 79# th and Superior. The Land

  2. Dear Steve, I like you enough to tell you after I seen your finger nails on “my toe is hot” that you must soak them in “lemon juice “as you can surely tell you are heavy smoker. Only cause I know when my 3 month old grandson took my hand and held my fingers to the sun that I noticed the atrocious look he sees that I have no longer but you do. All in care a true fan. Diane

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