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I ain't gonna pass the background check

“Steve Harvey for President.” I appreciate that but I’ve already told you I ain’t gonna pass the background check ????????????

By the time they start digging up my past… ????????????Ain’t no way in hell you are going to vote for me! If you pull my school transcripts we are going to have a problem, if you pull my credit score, we are going to have a problem. We got another problem, I’ve had 4 social security numbers ????????????

Yeah, I’d rather not run for president… it ain’t gone work out for me.

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  1. Dear Steve I want to thank you for being an inspiration my wife sent me a video this morning of you talking about the evidence of Things Not Seen when you was a child and rolling the paper what you wanted to do and your teacher shot it down well that’s where I’m at I left Virginia my wife and 13 kids they come help my father whose wife suddenly passed away he wasn’t doing well I got a job down here I’ve been trying to move my family down here but have had some struggles I told my dad my dream and for the past year he has told me what I can’t do no encouragement no support it’s been rough now he decided the last minute to sell his house and I have one week to find somewhere to go he wants me to quit my job and go home I told him I can’t do that I will be living out of my car until I can find something but I don’t want my kids to see when things get bad you run you a video about tears to my eyes because regardless of my situation I’m not sad my faith in God is strong my wife had a dream where the lender told us that God himself had them approve us for a house so I will never stop trusting God but thank you that video was right on time I need it my Boost so keep doing what you are doing dreams do come true and you are an example of that and that’s what I look at

  2. Love Steve Harvey, love Steve Harvey show and much of the rest you do but not all of it????????????
    I can listen or watch you Steve all day without getting bored that’s for sure!☝️????????????

  3. I really enjoy watching your show..My main reason for writing is that a young man ( JERMAINE in South Carolina is helping others with monies he had saved to go to Disneyworld…His birthday will be on Sept.8th..Could you please help make His dream a Reality? This Little Man has showed so much compassion for others…Thank You Mr.Harvey

    1. Mark C Whitlock – what state are you In?

  4. Laughter is also the Best Medicine as well????????????????????????????????????????…

  5. Love love love ???? the person that you are.. you are inspiring and just made me laugh before I go to work.. I’m struggling right now with a lot and thanks to you for my smile this am… we are all blessed to have you!! HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR WIFE ALSO????…LORI W.

  6. I love this man he makes me laugh and with all the depression I have and all that’s going on in my life I love to
    Laugh it’s amazing how the frown turned upside down brightens your day . I have 2 friends that are just like tmrm they are happy motivators When I’m down I call them or go see them they speak the truth. But in a way that makes you laugh that is comforting for me. So Steve Harvey I commend you for making me laugh and making my day. I love you Steve Harvey you are a motivator a beautiful tell the truth guy. Like Dione Warwick sings my favorite song WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE SWEET LOVE ITS THE ONLY THING THAT THERES JUST TO LITTLE OF !!!!NO NOT JUST FOR SOME BUT FOR RVERY ONE. !!!

  7. I love your speech that the Holly sperit. Connect you to me to email that verse that the same thing my church speech continues to speak the word of God . Good bless you and your family

  8. Steve, you are the man, proof of what God can do. My husband would love to meet you, he watch everything you do but is #1 favorite is “Family Feud.”

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