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Good clothes, open doors.

“Good clothes, open doors.” My personal stylist Will Phoenix is back with style advice for interviews, a good fitting suit, and shoe care tips. Some of the shoe care tips are good for women’s shoes as well. Invest in yourself, spend the money, and build your wardrobe.


WAX: For a high shine wax, use a quality wax and pantyhose.

SUEDE SHOES: Use a suede brush or suede eraser.

SHOE SPONGE: A shoe sponge brings back the color in your dark suede shoes. Works perfectly with black, navy or dark brown shoes.

LINT ROLLER: Use a lint roller on velvet or suede shoes, it takes the dust off.

LACING: Wondering how to lace your leather or wax laces on dress shoes? The secret is to lace twice, not tie tying in two bows but wrap the lace twice.

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  1. Can snake skins shoes be repaired if they not to bad off

  2. Styling with Will – what about female clothing to impress?

    Good Clothes Opens Doors ?

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