Harvey’s Hundreds: Texas Style!

You get a hundred and you get a hundred ????????That’s right. Kim from Texas said it right! The same game from my show is now an app! You can play along at home by downloading the game from The App Store and Google Play  HERE.

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  2. I love watching the Steve Harvey Show. I think it is so wonderful cruises are given in the Harvey’s Hundred game along with the what one wins in cash, which is even better. I’ve had over several times in my life time one thousand dollars, but to win a cruise would be like a dream come true. The contestant I viewed were so calm. Giving such. a prize for me calls for a SHOUTING ,HALLELUJAH, and a THANK YOU JESUS!!!

  3. Steve you are my number one host, because you have more everyday people on your show with great interviews. Most of all you know how to make the ordinary person feel extraordinary, not only to themselves but to the television audience. That is a gift from God.

  4. I would like to be on your show before I die or before you leave the show. I love the show very much

  5. Hi Steve, my name is Fred Buzale, born and raised in Uganda, but now I leave in Seattle, sorry my English is not good, but I thank God that I can talk and write. Steve I have much to tell you, but I can’t put on social media, because of security, if I put on social media, it can affect a lot of people. Steve I have been been pain for 8 years. I will always want to meet you, thank you so much. May God bless you.

  6. I would love come to the show Steve.

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