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Ninja Gamer Makes How Much Money?

Do you have any idea how much video gamers make???

Do you have any idea how much video gamers make??? Gamers are making over $1,000,000. I met Ninja Gamer over a year ago on #FamilyFeud. I asked him “what do you do?” I told him to stop playing video games and get a job…????????I saw him again while hosting the NFL Honors and learned how much money he makes. You won’t believe how he makes this kind of money.

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  1. Hence the reason why students are not concerned with college, University, Jr College even. They take highschool serious enough to pass because it’s the law to go to school. That guy is the exception, not the rule. It’s like a pyramid scheme, sort of speak, and he’s at the top. All the other gamers are not making any where near that. And the further down the pyramid the less. And that’s a gigantic pyramid.

  2. I’m 52yrs young and I know that Gamers make alot of money if they know what there doing and if you have the energy, time,and patience. Me i love video games but my daughter said to me that 1 she will NOT play with me anymore cause i lose my temper,and she has to show me how to play n use the controls. But its the me loosing my temp that get her. It’s all in fun. At least they get paid for doing what they Love and having fun at the same time.

  3. I love Steve ❤️ Harvey. I usta watch his show when him and Sedgric the Entertainer sorry i know i spelt Sedgric wrong. I don’t like alot of comedy but the few i will always watch when i rember there on. Steve is a great man and very funny. To you have to put some kind of feeling in your jokes so it looks real to me that’s what separates being funny from looking like you just read a script. Thank You. God Bless

  4. I love Steve I really wish I knew more I could do to help promote you. So, for now I just tell the diff stories with morals, about you. We have lost all our morals as a country, the time a man, a black man talks the talk, they try their best to shut them down. God bless

  5. I love Steve Harvey he is so funny!

  6. U are good man I love respect u as actor as person and comic thank u for being u

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