Here Are 3 Of Our Favorite Couples from Steve’s Dating Pool

In case you didn't know, Steve is a real-life Cupid.

Steve’s “Dating Pool” success rate speaks for itself… no wonder he calls himself the Chief Love Officer. Here are three times Steve’s dating game lead to real-life romance:

Ivy & Fred

Like any protective mother, Ivy doesn’t want to bring just any man around her daughter. But by the end of the game, Steve found her a man with everything she wanted: faith and understanding.

Michelle & Will

For this Pro Wrestler and single mother, finding a man who was tough and rugged yet caring was a challenge… but not for Steve! By the end of the game, Michelle was set up with a man that met all of her requirements, including the most important one of all: that he take interest in her kids.

Kacie & Nathan

For Kacie (and Steve), Nathan had all of the right answers. Turns out that they were right! Not only did they have great conversation, but their personalities were in sync, their birthdays are two days apart, and they both love adventure. Sounds like this perfect match has the Chief Love Officer to thank!

You may not have a Chief Love Officer to help you choose your right match, but you’ve hopefully picked up a thing or two from the clips above. Catch more “Dating Pool” clips on stevetv.com.

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  1. Seniors need love too! Matching singles in the baby boomers age would be very excited I’m quite sure

  2. 45 and 4’2 and starting to think i am going at this the wrong way anyway I do this i hope with your help a brother that cares can help me have a man that wants me and to grow with in the world that I do believe that god made for us to grow together in and the fear that I am just to be a little treat for sample or a test run I have found out from a drunk man that i was fantasy for the little pretty with the plus that i was also black that i was the kill two fantasy in one I will come there to challenge you Can you help the little people too the REAL LITTLE PEOPLE!!!!

  3. I am not from the US but I love the dating pool and I wish I could have the chance to participate one day.

  4. Iam from zambia and I really love the dating pool show. Iam single and don’t really like guys from country,I wish I could have the chance to participate.

  5. Hello my name is Annie Long I am a widow and I would love an opportunity to be apart of the dating pool /show
    I was on the Family Feud this past March with the Harris family.

  6. Hi, I’m 24 I need a boyfriend

  7. Hi Steve,
    I would like to participate in one of your dating pool. I would like to meet a respectful, honest and trustworthy man. A man who is seeking his Soul Mate.

  8. I be watched a couple of your shows on dating mad needed to know what I could do to get a chance for your o help out in getting a date possibly leading to marriage.

    Am a single mother of one 10year old girl.

  9. Steve featured my twin sons and I on his show to highlight our work splitting free firewood for struggling people in our community. Steve asked if I’d like to give him a shot at a matchmaking segment on his the show. Even though I loved being a bachelor, I agreed to give it a shot. I did love dating after all and it sounded like fun. It was a few days later on his show, that Steve Harvey would introduced me to Carly Norwood, my future bride. Fast forward two and a half years… and we are engaged to be married. I asked Carly to marry me last October on the tip top of our local mountain. Together we are a family of 10 with Carly and I, and our eight kids. Our kids have not only become brothers and sisters, but best friends. We are madly in love and truly blessed to have each other. Sending Big Hugs to Dr. Love a.k.a. Steve Harvey for changing all of our lives for the better. From Seattle Washington… this Buds for you Steve
    signed… no longer sleepless in Seattle
    Shane McDaniel a.k.a. Robinwood

  10. Hi steve,i have no idea how this thing works but I just trying for the heck of it,we are not appreciated and treated well by our countrymen although we are raised to and treat them like kings this caused me to do the single thing,I am a 48year old law enforcement officer and have all it takes to keep a good man smiling…..

  11. Hey Steve I have been your follower from Kenya I like the things you.I look at you as both an idol and a father who keeps me on track.i follow your advice and I wish one day I will get to see you in person.

  12. 3 years today! Steve set us up on a “date my woodchopping dad” segment on his show. We’ve been living together for a year now. We are engaged and plan to marry this summer. Who knows, maybe now that Steve is a judge he can finish what he started and marry us. We have 8 kids. Steve has changed the course of all 10 of our lives in the most extraordinary way. With Love. Forever grateful- Shane

  13. Hi Steve I have been watching some shows and i really wish uh could you please give me a chance in dating pool….please
    Thank you

  14. Hello my name is chakerra I have been single for 6 years and I have four kids and I really need help Steve finding a date and a wonderful God fearing man that I can growth with and build a generation of wealth and invest with. Build a future together. And more. I greatly appreciate Steve if you may help me please I’m a single mom I am 37 years old

  15. Hello steve

  16. Hi uncle Steve,my name is Alice and am from Uganda,26 years old. I love your shows .Man you inspire me to keep on going for my dreams and always keeping the faith that one day I will get to meet my mate, the one who am open with, who is ready to become my best buddy. How I wish this dating site is extended to these sides of East African plus your other shows as well. May God continue to bless the work of your hands.

  17. Hi uncle Steve, I am Othello T. Kollie from Liberia. Ever since I started watching your programs, I see you as my role model and I plan that when I get my first money, am going to start my own TV show. I am a recent graduate from the university of Liberia with a Bachelor degree in Economics and I am currently doing my second undergraduate degree in IT with concentration in Data science.
    I am 30 years old and I am wishing to participate in the DATING POOL.

  18. My name is Grace in live in Canada, I am a christian born again I attend my church every Sunday and I read the Bible as I know the word of God is powerful, I am now 54 yrs old and single mother.
    Steve Harvey you are a blessing to the World as I used to say on facebook for your kindness and love you show to your community and the way you love God and you encourage people to love and help each, may God bless you more.
    I am so excited for this opportunity and I can t wait to read from you.

    Have a great and blessed day with your loved ones

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