Here Are 3 Of Our Favorite Couples from Steve’s Dating Pool

In case you didn't know, Steve is a real-life Cupid.

Steve’s “Dating Pool” success rate speaks for itself… no wonder he calls himself the Chief Love Officer. Here are three times Steve’s dating game lead to real-life romance:

Ivy & Fred

Like any protective mother, Ivy doesn’t want to bring just any man around her daughter. But by the end of the game, Steve found her a man with everything she wanted: faith and understanding.

Michelle & Will

For this Pro Wrestler and single mother, finding a man who was tough and rugged yet caring was a challenge… but not for Steve! By the end of the game, Michelle was set up with a man that met all of her requirements, including the most important one of all: that he take interest in her kids.

Kacie & Nathan

For Kacie (and Steve), Nathan had all of the right answers. Turns out that they were right! Not only did they have great conversation, but their personalities were in sync, their birthdays are two days apart, and they both love adventure. Sounds like this perfect match has the Chief Love Officer to thank!

You may not have a Chief Love Officer to help you choose your right match, but you’ve hopefully picked up a thing or two from the clips above. Catch more “Dating Pool” clips on stevetv.com.

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  1. Seniors need love too! Matching singles in the baby boomers age would be very excited I’m quite sure

  2. 45 and 4’2 and starting to think i am going at this the wrong way anyway I do this i hope with your help a brother that cares can help me have a man that wants me and to grow with in the world that I do believe that god made for us to grow together in and the fear that I am just to be a little treat for sample or a test run I have found out from a drunk man that i was fantasy for the little pretty with the plus that i was also black that i was the kill two fantasy in one I will come there to challenge you Can you help the little people too the REAL LITTLE PEOPLE!!!!

  3. I am not from the US but I love the dating pool and I wish I could have the chance to participate one day.

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