Kevin Hart Plays Harvey’s Hundreds

Kevin Hart surprises everyone and helps a lucky audience member win big on Harvey's Hundreds.

Kevin Hart surprises everyone and helps a lucky audience member win big on Harvey’s Hundreds. His excitement is ELECTRIC!

Play along with Steve and Kevin. Download the Harvey’s Hundreds app HERE.

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  1. Dear Steve, I’ve never written into anyone before, but I felt moved to write to you today. Usually I miss your show because I work until after your show is aired in our area. I left work early today and saw your show today. Thank you for showing the story of the young black gentlemen who walked 20 miles in the middle of the night in order to get to his moving job on time the next morning. Not only did you highlight this young mans incredible work ethic, but you also presented the policeman who offered the young man a ride and a bite to eat, the homeowner who offered the young man a place to rest when she saw he must have been exhausted. And thank you for showing the young mans boss who gave the young man his car.. I cried with you Steve Harvey when I saw this story. This is a true represention of America. People demonstrating America’s work ethic, but also America’s willingness to help their fellow man regardless of race. Bravo Steve Harvey for airing this story. I’m 55 year old white female and I applaud what you do. Thank you!

  2. I love keaven hart

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