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Dreams Are More Important Than Education

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  1. I have fear of completing my education I keep thinking I been out of school so long I am at the age of 60.

  2. Steve is so right. When you live your dream. Do what you love everyday. Your heart is so full. You look forward to going to work. I get to play, dance, sing, act silly and I get paid to do this. I am a nanny and can not imagine not being one.

  3. I agree. It was my dream that pushed me to get my Associates in Entertainment Media and Master Degree in Entertainment Business. Here in Mississippi, there are not many people doing what I am doing. They putting on plays with no idea of what it takes to get their production from the small stage on to numerous stages around the country. At times, I felt as if I was moving too slow, being too picky. Well that is who I am. I want my intro to the world to be the best that I can do despite not having all the resources that others have in larger markets. My play NEVER LOST MY FAITH is not just a play. It is my motto everyday. I know great things are about to happen and I get excited when I think about the ride that I am about to take. I am proud of myself and my mistakes. I will never stop moving towards my dream.

  4. Always wise with great advice!

  5. So true! I wish my son could get ahold of that. He struggles so much. If he could just stop letting fear control his choices he’d be so much happier!!! Good word Steve!

  6. A dream is so much wiser, than an education that provide a job. The job that you can be fired from or the job that closes down. See with your dream you can not be REPLACED, with your dreams you can’t be fired. I’m working on my dream!!

  7. Ooo yes Mr. Harvey u just push me in to my dream.
    So much fear killing me every day in and day out

  8. I was reading the various comments on dreaming. The thought of dreaming is that the dream at some point has to be implemented. Write what you want down, study what it will that to obtain it. Sometimes it may take an education and it may not. The only thing about not obtaining what you want is you. You may get rejected so try a different path. Know yourself. I believe that we are a people of dreamers and we have accomplished wonderful things through out history. We just have started believing what others state who we are on social media. I lost myself when I got divorced, but then I looked at my children and I wanted to show them that you can obtain what you want. I now have my doctorate in Health Administration, work on a health board, travel, and my faith continues to increase because I am his child and a father never wants his child to fail. Walk on into your dream.

  9. I agree with you Mr. Harvey a dream is so much wiser than education you just took the fear out of me I have to follow my dreams

  10. My dream was my education and continues to be so even at the age of fifty-one. I was always worried about what others thought of my age and why I waited so long…..I eventually became of the mindset that this dream of furthering my education, is my dream and mine to conquer. I graduated this past Saturday with my bachelors while completing my first semester in a Master’s program. Literally the night of my graduation, I was researching Doctorate programs. I am pursuing this dream for not only me but for my mother who was so proud of my accomplishment, I told her it was “our” accomplishment due to all of her love, support, encouragement and prayers.

  11. Hello Steve and Marjorie! Steve, if you were a Pastor, I would relocate to attend your church. You have a divine calling, you already started….

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