Kings of Comedy Documentary

Everyone wants to know about the Kings of comedy if we will ever come back.

Everyone wants to know about the Kings of Comedy, if we will ever come back. You know, things will never be the same without Bernie Mac. I like the idea of a documentary, about the years we toured, real stories behind all the crazy stuff we did backstage. 🤣😂😁

Here’s a crazy story about us smoking cigars and getting fined $7,500 by the fire department for smoking inside. You will never guess what happened when the Fire Marshall showed up one night in Buffalo, New York and asked Bernie to explain our arrangement with the promoters for smoking inside. 🤣😂😁

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  1. Hey Steve just wanted to tell you I love that story about Bernie Mac in the fire marshal.. I can picture it in my head exactly how I went down as you tell the story. You’re such a great Storyteller in such a great funny guy. Thank you so much for your laughs and your encouragement through scripture and love that you give us all. God bless you Steve🙏

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