Six Fighting Words Couples Know & Hate

The 6 fighting words that all couples know and hate!

The 6 fighting words that all couples know and hate! Fellas, you know what they are when you hear them! Avoid them because they are TRAPS! #1 Nothing #2 Seriously #3 Whatever #4 Nevermind #5 Chill and #6 Fine. Trust me when you hear any of these words its trouble, but I got you!

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  1. Uncle Steve… Oh my uncle Steve… That one man with God’s inspirations… That one voice loud enough to empower and bless lives! I keep getting blessed each time I listen to Uncle Steve… though I don’t know him but he’s blessed me on many occasions! God bless and replenish you in multiple folds sir…

  2. Ok ive have been dating for 5 years year with this guy. There some good qualities in him but alot of bad ones. When We are good its all good. Everytime do something wrong even i do something big or small. Its a big deal. But he mess up i cant get mad at him why. I love him but he disrespects me enough to push me away. What should i do im loosing in this relationship?

    1. Don’t walk away, RUN….that will lead to fast fights 99% of the time…..if he can do no wrong and ur always wrong it’s not worth it, trust me I finally RAN after getting my kids raised and 28yrs….it’s like my soul is free now

  3. will steve Harvey talk show return this fall?

  4. It’s obviously steve. To run a show at no crowd It can’t happen my sis Steven is a big deal

  5. Steve,
    I have a book entitled, What Eve Wants to Hear from Adam, Relationships Exposed. I think you and your family of followers will love this collection of poetry dealing with relationships.

  6. Steve Harvey will leave long
    Am from Nigeria

  7. Mr steve
    you are the best…

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