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That Music You Hear is Real Music

My kids and I attended a rap concert once and it didn't go so well for me.

Tell the millennials the music they hear in the background is called a “band.”  Those are instruments!

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  1. I grew up in the Motown era the 70s then the 80s with the bands maze the time ready for the world ets.etc. And I been in several garage bands so the new generation you have no idea what you missing pick up a instrument and you may learn a little something about real music

  2. Steve I think I just like your stand up comedy because you talk just as country as my family your wife do a good job with your skin care you look better than some of your other frat guys saw your boys yesterday they had a dog life ???? I knew some in Iraq & Germany you guys are every where I was a prey that wanted to be caught then. Those days are over really ????much love keep me laughing old school ♥️

  3. I wholeheartedly agree. I partially blame the parents. We are responsible for exposing our kids to the arts so that they are well rounded. I have had parties for my sons and the kids stand around and look at each other. So not only do they not listen to music with bands playing instruments but they also do not dance with each other. My husband and I had to start dancing with each other in order to encourage the boys and girls to dance together. I remember when my parents listened to Marvin Gaye, The O’Jays, The Commodores, and blues singers and they would dance with each other and dance with us. We went to plays, to the symphony, etc. My sons were in Jack and Jill because it was very important to me that they know how to conduct themselves in different social settings. I know everyone can’t afford certain social activities but you can start teaching them at home. We find money to pay for things that are important to us. Most millennials are lacking socialization skills, and it shows.


  5. Oh! How I long for the sound of SWEET MUSIC! At 84 years of age and two breast cancer survival surgeries behind me, a world filled with hate, my country in turmoil, my family decreasing, best friends dying, my money disappearing before the pension/social security arrives, five grandkids seeking scholarships to secure their future (if they survive). I am so tired of the noise I hear, I LONG FOR THE SOUND OF SWEET MUSIC. Night clubs have never been my thing but, they are now. Wherever my son (a professional jazz player) performs I am there. I simply wear a mask (if there is smoke) and, turn my hearing aids up to the max just to drown in THE SWEET SOUND OF real MUSIC.

  6. Oh my God I thought it was just me that didn’t understand this new shit. They look ridiculous on stage and they are always trying to find their dick???? Some of the Gospel artist are just as bad. Thank God I grew up with real music!

  7. Yessss Steve, school the millenniums. They no nothing about Real Music.

  8. I strongly agree with you Steve. I will admit there are a few new artist that actually have me on board with them because they are really singing, the lyrics are attention grabbers, and they have a band that plays instruments. I still can’t understand why people say Rapp is music. Rapp is…. Rapp, most time very negative, cruel toward women, and so much vulgar language you wouldn’t want to hear it uncensored. One other thing, why do young males today think wearing their pants below their butt, having a mouth full of gold teeth, not combing their hair but having a comb stuck in that hair is the way to be an adult. Then they will demand respect from someone. Maybe if you don’t toss this review I’ll chime in on the females next time. It is clear we as adults need to increase the number of places like Boys and Girls Club, but make sure every day there are committed adults in place to provide these children structure, honesty, love, kindness, tutoring for school, and proper etiquette. These things are almost a lost art in the school systems and in some households. Steve I weep and stay in prayer for our children. We have to make that move, like Michael Jackson said “I’m starting with the man in the mirror”.

  9. Memphis TN here Mr. Harvey. I was born in 1960 so my music is 1960 hearing that Era Music through my 1st Cousin who is older than me and was the babysitter for my sister and brother. Then my Uncle, Auntie, Father, and my mother. I guess I can say that my music of the last Soul instrument, instrumental sounds of Music stop around 1999 ending year Era. Love You Steve Harvey

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