Mentoring Mondays with Steve Harvey, Special Guests: Quinn Cook & Keedron Bryant

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  1. Hi Steve how are you today? I’m Vaughan. I like to have help. Talk with me on video. My girlfriend break up with two months ago I love to have her back in my life. I pray everyday she came my life and said yes to be my wife. Next month be one year together but we only made it ten months together. I been praying very hard to have her back in my life. I’m from Bellville Ontario Canada. If you can help me it would mean the world to me. Out all my 11 bad relationships but got one truly treated me like a king. I love her and her kids all my heart. I’m single dad with three kids they were getting very close to her too. I not who I can ask for help.

    Hear from you soon,

  2. Hello my name Howard Young an I would to meet Steve Harvey and tell him all about my story or can we have zoom meet i would love this

  3. What did he do to make her up and leave him in a short period of time

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