My Forever Valentine

I’m your Valentine forever. I love you Marjorie.

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  1. Simply Beautiful, I Love The Way You Love One Another ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. Lovely Mt Steve Harvey I love U both, See that’s what I’m talking bout Treat Her Like A Lady (Whipers) Song I need to fine that right OG

  3. I love the relationship that you and Marjorie have. It’s like a fantasy relationship that will always be full of happiness. I’ve always seen myself in a relationship like that but I’m 57 and it has never happened and it’s too late to happen for me. I’ve always dreamed of having a man with class like Steve Harvey and me looking beautiful like Marjorie. I know it’s wrong to want to be like other people but the Harvey’s and the Obama’s is my kind of life that I always dreamed of. Happiness will never come my way but continue to love on each other and keep the pictures and videos coming. I look forward to them.

  4. I sent this video to a friend Evie who danced at the Apollo late 80s and got boo’d. She’s now a standup. Thanks Mr Harvey, Steve!

  5. Love how much ❤️ you two Love one another.

  6. Keep on loving me and Treat her like a lady both Whispers song come to my mind when I think about my you guys. Same thing it took to get you baby hooked your gonna need the same thing to keep her. Artist unknown or rather I forgot but it’s not the Whispers ☺. Haters=Jealousy, ignore all . You got this . Obama’s and Harvey’s ♥

  7. Simply beautiful! Love they way he loves her

  8. You are the type of man that every woman lives for…!

  9. Is there a way to get an autographed picture of Steve Harvey? My 20-year old grandson is severely affected by spastic quadraplegic cerebral palsy. He has no use of his hands, and is unable to form words with his mouth. He loves Family Fued, because of Steve Harvey. I bought him the Family Fued game even though he couldn’t play it. When he saw the box, he got really excited and made a lot of noise.

    What would be a good video to buy him, one that is full of slap stick humor? He loves SpongeBob and Disney cartoons.

  10. Mr Steve I admire you so much and I can’t leave Marjorie out because she’s stuck with you through your best and worst moments Mr Harvey I see your shows every night in family feud but could you please put some recent shows on because all I see are these old shows which don’t get me wrong I love but please try to put some new shows on thank you and God bless both of you

  11. I love you forever, Steve Harvey 💕

  12. The planet was blessed with your arrival…Steve🙏

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