My Friend Clipper Makes $4 Million Dollars A Year He Used to Charge $4

I had a friend growing up all he did was cut grass. $2 for the front and $2 for the back. We used to call him “Clipper.” Clipper is 62 now and he makes $4 Million Dollars a year. Check out the story of Clippers.

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  1. Great and highly inspired message, Mr Steve God bless you more.

  2. Mr. Harvey was right about the GIFT. I believe we all have more than one gift we just have to walk into it and do what you are called to do. Walk by Faith and not by Sight.

  3. Guess what I misspelled my last name “Harris”. Barbara Harris

  4. Easier said than done

  5. I could of done stuff but now I have a physical disability but I need help to find me something to with my ability

  6. Wow. Amen!!!

  7. Amen

  8. POWERFUL and may I add something else, CLIPPER obviously knew how to manage his money and communicate well as it’s showing up in huge ways everywhere not just in Cleveland but on television because a nationally known celebrity is now talking about him to the public, much to learn here folks, excellent CLIPPER!!!

  9. Good day Mr. Harvey
    I am turning 55 on the 14th June 2022. Please could you give me a shout out if your working on one of your shows on the day.
    I live in South Africa, and even though we do not get all your programs, I am enchanted by your style and your excellent manners.
    I listen to your motivational talks, and they have been my drive the last year.
    Thank you for your time in this.
    Even if it does not happen, I am grateful I got to ask.
    God first, live then is the best.
    Kind Regards,
    Lindsey Taljaard

  10. I really appreciate your stand for what’s good and what God created us for. God is a diverse God, he’s created all of us different and with those diverse gifts. God loves ALL of us, no matter who we are, again because He may break us down at times but then has the capability to restore us if we only let Him. He’s a beautiful God.
    Thanks for being real Brother!!

  11. Steve, my friend. How do you discover your gift though? How do you know to separate the difference when it seems you are good at whatever you put your hands to doing?

  12. Great story about Clipper. Way to go Mr Harvey!

  13. Interesting!! I am a dog walker, and that is my gift. I have a BS in economics and some MBA work completed. I could have done anything I wanted, including get a doctorate in any subject I wanted. But my gift is walking dogs… Ha ha. God has a sense of humor. And you are right – I have many talents, but my gift is walking dogs. So, I do actually have a dog walking company, and it is thriving!! I am growing it, and it will make me millions. Precisely BECAUSE it is my gift, and I am cooperating with it, and investing in it. And that’s the truth. So Steve Harvey is absolutely right!!

    I discovered my gift by volunteering to walk a neighbor’s dog (for free), because I was walking and the neighbor’s had a dog that they didn’t walk. So I said to them, why don’t I bring your dog with me while I walk? No charge, and they let me. I never had a dog in my life before this, and at that point I was 42 years old. I didn’t even know that I liked dogs, much less liked walking them. So I had a dog walking company before I ever had a dog. And wow, I am good at it. I can easily walk 12 – 14 dogs at a time, with perfect behavior and everyone having a great time. And when I was walking that many dogs, I got a reputation, and I started hiring people.

    I told someone recently that “God gave me the job of taking care of the dogs.” That’s what I’m supposed to do. And, because my job is to “take care of the dogs” (God’s dogs, by the way), there’s no limit. He didn’t say, “I’m going to give you 15 dogs to take care of.” No, he told me to “take care of the dogs.” So, the sky’s the limit. And I want to have my business serve the entire country, and even the world. Someday, I will be in your town, with my thousands-strong awesome caregiver team, and we will do great things for you and your dog. Tails & Trails. Watch for it.

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