My Grandkids Always Asking for Something I Ain’t Got!!

They asking for a snow man for Christmas, there's no snow in Los Angeles

My grandkids always asking for something I ain’t got!! They asking for a snow man for Christmas, there’s no snow in Los Angeles ????????????Quit asking for stuff I have to bring in!

A dude asked me for an autograph in the bathroom once and a picture. Then he wanted to shake my hand. BRUH. ????????????

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  1. Hello from The Harris Family!
    We would love to send Mr. & Mrs. Harvey a devotional book we wrote, ‘A Cowboy Devotional’ and handcrafted gift thanking him for his inspiration.
    Could you please forward us an appropriate business mailing address. Thank YOU!

    The Harris Family

    1. Thanks Shelenea, you can mail to our address here:
      Steve Harvey Global
      10061 Riverside Dr., #759
      Toluca Lake, CA 91602

  2. Need help badly, You got to see what I got Steve, You will love it” OLD FOLKS SAYING” one and two finish On mothers for you and then #4 In through the back door. I’m not going to give up, I got something good and like my child hood hero, Ali, I got em on the ropes, late in the round I just need to not let up.

  3. Hi
    May I send Mr Harvey a copy of his book Straight Talk No Chaser For him to autograph for me. I will I close postage if that would be ok

    Many thanks

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