My Secret to Flipping 5 Suits Into 75 Suits!

I’m giving out my suit game. Here’s my secret to flipping 5 suits into 75 suits! Get your ties from Hbysteveharvey. Shop my new collection here: hbysteveharvey.com/

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  1. Thanks Steve , I’m going to start buying one of these suits once a month till I get the whole collection..

  2. Excellent advice!! Thanks 😊!!

  3. Steven I love to have your suit bro.

  4. I love you Steve

    1. Any adbice on how to match ties, belts and shoes?

  5. SAME ADVICE I used to give to my former students!
    I wore suits to my classroom every day!

  6. You are always dressed to the nines. I love the advice you give, whether it’s about becoming successful or on how to dress.

  7. Awesomeness

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