No Such Thing As A Perfect Christian | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

I’ll be honest with you, this life wasn’t even in my imagination. What I imagined my life was going to be… God then… took this thing to a whole nother level.

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  1. Can help me uncle Steve
    Iam fell in love
    And i in deepration

  2. Steve I appreciate you. I’m happy for you. ( wish it could have been me too) (LOL). I have a lot to offer, however I thank God for you. You acknowledge God and that’s why he ain’t through with you yet.
    May God continue to bless you.

  3. I’m happy for you

  4. Thank for sharing, now I understand why I see constantly 168 or 1268 in different configurations on the back of license plate or delivery trucks.. I would see these numbers so much that I started taking pictures of the numbers when a car/ truck would pass displaying the numbers because I didn’t people would believe me when I told them how often these numbers would surface…I have tons of pictures…. After I open this email today and heard you speak about seeing 222, I looked up the meaning of seeing 168 and I got chills… Thank you Mr. Harvey!!!!

  5. Always enjoy your insights!!!

  6. Thank God for Steve Harvey 🙏

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