Parents We’d All Hate to Meet

When Overprotective Goes Wrong

by Jessica Johnson

It’s the dating milestone we all hope for: meeting the parents. This simple gesture signals that the person we’re serious about just might be serious too. But with the awkwardness or social interaction, it’s no surprise that meeting mom and dad is not high on the fun list. So before you ditch your dinner reservation, just know your experience can’t be worse than meeting any of these movie parentals.

Viola Fields (Monster-in-Law)

This goes out to every girl whose partner can’t see that their mom is a psycho. In a tale as old as time, pampered TV personality Viola Fields makes it her life mission to prove her son’s fiancé doesn’t deserve him. Her over-the-top antics, including an air horn “air freshener,” are enough to send even the most understanding partner to the loony bin. But there are moments of sweet revenge that are inspiring.


Just goes to show that love can truly conquer all. And a good prank can go a long way to earn respect in the eyes of your in-laws.

Mrs. George (Mean Girls)

Mother of the meanest girl, Regina George, Mrs. George can be summed up in a single phrase: “When being a MILF goes wrong.” You know the parent who wants to be your friend but is more inappropriate than cool? That is Mrs. George. We all wished we had a “fun” parent growing up, but Mrs. George will have you looking for a chaperone.

Jack Byrnes (Meet the Parents)

When access to the “circle of trust” means subjecting your honey to a lie detector test, don’t be surprised when you find yourself single. Jack Byrnes is what happens when the men who hold guns on high school prom students get careers within the criminal justice system. Jack bullies his daughter’s boyfriend Gaylor Focker to the point that Focker almost gives up on his love. Which brings another question: Would your perception of your partner change if they never stood up for themselves, even to your folks?


It turns out it’s not Greg’s fault. The reason is next on the list.

Bernie and Roz Focker (Meet the Fockers)

On the complete opposite end of the Jack Byrnes are Bernie and Roz Focker. The coddling couple take “celebrate the small things” to a new level of creepy with their Gaylord shrine, and don’t disguise their pride in the fact that their son had an affair with the family housekeeper. Uncomfortable much?


When you think about it, it’s no wonder poor Greg was overwhelmed by Jack’s intensity. Greg was ill-prepared for the world in general.

Percy Jones (Guess Who)

Percy Jones (R.I.P. Bernie Mac) is the father from hell when he tries to put his prejudices aside and embrace his daughter Theresa’s soon-to-be fiancé. Overprotection is one thing, but at least your girlfriend’s dad isn’t guarding sleeping with you on a sofa bed.


Do any other parents deserve to be on this list? Let us know!


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