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Prayer Changes Things

Don't forget to pray, don't be ashamed to pray, and don't be too proud to pray.

Don’t forget to pray, don’t be ashamed to pray, and don’t be too proud to pray. Prayer changes things. I don’t care how dark things look to you. I don’t care what anyone has said to you. Don’t forget to pray. I don’t care what the verdict is, I don’t care what the haters say. Don’t forget to pray, prayer changes things.

If it wasn’t for God, I wouldn’t be standing here today. God saved me, don’t trip on my walk with God. My path is different from yours, God takes old hoodlums like me and turns them into Christians. I’m just a nobody, trying to tell everybody, about somebody that can save anybody.

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  1. Hello Mr. Harvey, My wife and I pray every day and are very proud to pray. Prayers DO change things. Since we’ve started to watch every “Motivated” video you’ve put out there, we’ve doubled and tippled our prayers and asked for bigger things than we ever thought about asking. We do have to talk to “the big chief upstairs” everyday, every moment we can so he hears us conversing with him. We are from the Island of Curaçao and we live in Aruba. The Islands are small, but we are thinking and praying bigger and bigger because of your inspirational “Motivated” video’s sir. THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR! Thanks for the love, we Love you sir! Anthony Chong, from Curaçao.

  2. Hi Steve
    When I was 16 years old I had my first baby little Edna P Cooper and then my second baby Denise P Cooper at the age of 18 and then at the age of 23 years old my baby Lashanda M Cooper. Then I went back to school after they got grown. I took the GED test and failed it. So, I decided to go to Cherryhill Adult Education Center in Inkster Mi and there I receive my high school diploma and my grade point average was 4.0 and I received a scholarship to Detroit College of Business. Its was hard for me But GOD brought me threw all of it. Thank you Jesus for saving me. Love always Workitout

  3. I am so grateful for the message you have! I am going through the worst time in my life and I have a little more hope now.

  4. It Will Be A Blessing Just to hear from u in person #PersonalGoal????????????????

  5. You Inspire Me: God is Real… I believe
    Fighting the battle of unbelief
    Seems I failed the tests of time Struggling, overwhelmed with grief I sought the presence of the Divine;
    Wondering if God is truly involved In the day to day affairs of life Asking, does God really have time My simple problems to solve;
    Looking for answers to heal A broken heart, a worried mind Listening to Steve Harvey, I found inspiration of a special kind;
    Following his tweet, I heard him say ‘You can’t make it without God, man’ Reminding me I need to pray That God is real, God has a plan;
    … and I believe

  6. Thank you for your inspiration Mr. Harvey. I believe prayer changes things as well.

  7. Love you Steve! Prayer is such a comfort and such a powerful action. I feel most peaceful when I’m praying for others by knowing God is in all, with all and through all. Thanks so much!

  8. A lot been going on let me start to say I had a still born September 7th 2021 at 32 weeks and a week later my mom got sick brought her to the house and come find out she has a tumor and made brain cancer and she had surgery and had a stroke and going on three weeks and she hasn’t woken up yet and fighting for her life the doctors said there’s no hope for her I told him only god can put a time on life and I want a second opinion and fighting with them to get her transferred to Tampa general hospital in Florida but the hospital she at taking their time to do cause they don’t want her to transfer like making reasons not to my moms is a single mom with six kids but lost my brothers at age 3 and 5 from house fire she put her self through school while working and become a nurse and a cna and work so much she only 61 and so giving please pray for her to heal the cancer away and to wake up and no more tumor also a better hospital takes her and don’t give up on her takes real good care of her please pray for her cause I know only god can put a time on life and my mom needs to be well so we can take care of her as she done to us.

  9. No prayer no change! Know prayer know change! It is well! Stay blessed sir!

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