Steve Harvey’s First Big Paycheck

When I got my first big paycheck you know I went all out.

When I got my first big paycheck you know I went all out.

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  1. I love watching all of your shows. Family feud, the Steve Harvey show and Steve. My day is not complete if I don’t watch at least one of these shows. I also think it’s pretty cool that we share the same birthday. January 17th.

  2. I just Love Steve, where ever I see your photo or video, before you even say anything….. Am already smiling…. You make my days.
    We don’t have any Steve shows on dstv- Zambia right now, but thank God am able to watch you on You tube✌????????

  3. Money sucks. It changes people if they cannot live without it as they once did. Sad. The man I once knew before money then loss of it isn’t the man I married. I don’t like him right now. He chose to start a business that he’s struggling to run and I get all the frustrations dumped on me like it’s my fault the business is barely surviving and paying bills at home has become a challenge because of it. Sad.

  4. I love all the shows. Even back in days. Mr Hightower God Bless you and your wife and family

    1. To one of the smartest funniest spiritual human beings the Lord has blessed us with. Mr Steve Harvey. You bring so much happiness and true wisdom to so many people. This world needs millions more of people just like you.God Bless you and your family.
      Love one of your humble fans

  5. Mr. Steve Harvey you are such a inspiration in so many ways to my life. I enjoys all of your TV Shows, and radio broadcasts. Keep doing !! What ya Doing!!

  6. Loved Steve Harvey, Kelly Clarkson????worlds apart as far as quality. Money , or the lack thereof in my case is good , and bad. Depends on how you control it,or it controls you..
    Keep rockin it Steve, because money or not…I a life time watcher❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Tammy Dolan

  7. Inspiring and motivating are understatements still looking for adjective to qualify you but I can’t find one . Only God knows. Help
    Me Be more than you. For as written in the Bible “ Do better than your parents, if not you have failed” end of quote
    God bless you Sir

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