Steve Harvey’s First Big Paycheck

When I got my first big paycheck you know I went all out.

When I got my first big paycheck you know I went all out.

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  1. I love watching all of your shows. Family feud, the Steve Harvey show and Steve. My day is not complete if I don’t watch at least one of these shows. I also think it’s pretty cool that we share the same birthday. January 17th.

  2. I just Love Steve, where ever I see your photo or video, before you even say anything….. Am already smiling…. You make my days.
    We don’t have any Steve shows on dstv- Zambia right now, but thank God am able to watch you on You tube✌👌😋

  3. Money sucks. It changes people if they cannot live without it as they once did. Sad. The man I once knew before money then loss of it isn’t the man I married. I don’t like him right now. He chose to start a business that he’s struggling to run and I get all the frustrations dumped on me like it’s my fault the business is barely surviving and paying bills at home has become a challenge because of it. Sad.

  4. I love all the shows. Even back in days. Mr Hightower God Bless you and your wife and family

  5. Mr. Steve Harvey you are such a inspiration in so many ways to my life. I enjoys all of your TV Shows, and radio broadcasts. Keep doing !! What ya Doing!!

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