The Books That Changed My Life

I recommend two books, these books changed my life. ‘The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, this is a powerful book. ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David Swartz.

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  1. Hi Steve 😊 thank you for your recommendation of these 2 important books to learn. I wrote it down on my journal book to remind me to get these books to read 👍🏼

    Debby Watson

  2. Both books I was told about when I was in my 20s, but didn’t bother reading and so sorry I didn’t. Now, I am 60 and I am going to read them just to see how I can change my life with whatever years I have left.

  3. I am much older than Mr.Steve but I love hearing him when he’s doing his thing. If I had known about motivational speaker like Steve, my life or my outlook on life would have been different. I pray that young people would take advantage of the wisdom that is being given to them. Blessings to you Mr Steve, keep on sharing someone is listening.

  4. ThankYou Steve. Having a positive mind is important especially in the world we live in today. Also, having God as the root in our lives is worth much more. God is real and I am blessed to know someone who loves everyone the same and unconditionally.

    ThankYou for being an inspiration to me.
    Kendra H. Lockhart, Texas

  5. Steve Harvey!
    God Bless you! I’m in a bad way but I always know God wants the best for us children. Thank you for inspiring me again. I won’t settle for less than His Best. I’m saying Austin Martin not Volkswagen.

    James P

  6. 2 of my favorite books. Read them both years ago! Changed my life and my thinking!! 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Hello Steve. Thanks for the recommendation of the two books! Looks like something that can be a motivator for me. Also, I’m certain you receive numerous books to read, review and possibly recommend, I sent you a copy of Faith for Fiery Trials several months ago. I believe it would be the type of inspirational book for your camp or otherwise. I sent it to your Foundation address but that may’ve been a mistake. I’d love to send another copy if you’d like a copy. I can promise you it will not be a waste of your time. Peace and Love

  8. Mr. Harvey,
    Three years ago, I went through a divorce. We had been married twenty-five years. Your life story and YouTube videos were what got me through the hardest of times and helped me to lean on my personal relationship with Christ. I realized after going through these hard times that God did me a huge favor in getting out of that relationship. When I was at my LOWEST I would turn on Steve Harvey talking about faith street and I knew God was not done with me. Through these trails God made me uncomfortable enough to examine myself and your story helped me find my gift. I am now a part time personal trainer and I love it and I get to help people daily. Thank You! Steve God used you to forever change my life!!!

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