The Law of Attraction is Always Working

The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working, whether you believe it is or not.

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  1. Mr Steve,
    I have admired you from afar. I am learning more to say things about my life with the attractiveness of getting what my heart truly desires. My father said he will give me the desires of my heart. I just have to believe in myself and who I am in him. Thank you

  2. That motivation message is a truth fact.
    Always try your best to think positive no matter what the situation is or the outcome. Try to keep your self in a up lifting altitude. It can be hard sometimes because that human nature but try to still keep a positive mind.

  3. Amen amen! I also feel that I would be the best designer to design and uplift the interiors Steve Harvey’s fabulous Atlanta French classic architecture estate. Its gothic details and finishing while amazing, I just know I could take it all to the next level of amazing .
    Thank you Steve Harvey for your daily doses that i see on instagram to get our minds right in setting our goals and keeping the faith, to stay in the light and to not deviate from Gods plan, tune out the negative and to stride for the best, to be our best and to always explore and reach for all infinite possibilities that only God can untap but we must trust be patient and surrender to … patience being the tough one!…… man oh man the ideas I have for the interiors of your home ! Sorry i know this is not the place to say that!

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