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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️
    Steve and Marjorie;
    The both of you make love look so great. May many years of Blessings, Happiness, Great Health and Love continue to overflow in your lives and your families lives. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY love 💕 💕

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day back at ya’ll!!
    We serve A Mighty Good God!!!

  3. Hello, Steve and Marjorie I want to.wish you both a safe Happy Valentine’s Day, I enjoyed that message and expression of love you spoken 💖 Steve that was expressed to your wife, it made me get teary eye a little because I have been praying and continue to pray that God will send me my heart desire, of a man that is honest, God.fearing most.of all and a man of the three Pcs like you mentioned in your book. I habe been Pacific with our father in heaven or maybe I shouldn’t be, I would lime.your opinion on it. I was Pacific about the man my heart desires is 5’11 to 6ft 3 Brown skin to.dark skin compassion it, likes to cuddle hold.hands; keep up his personal appearance; most of all communicate ; be active in doing things together like traveling, weekend get aways sometimes, family oriented, that.serves the Lord or.goes to church, but not a religious fanatic. I would appreciate your advice.or.response from you and your beautiful wife. I am 64-yrs young at heart been a widow for 19- yrs and dated few and far between and the last.relationship I was in ended.8 yrs ago, his.priority wasn’t in order and we see each other in passing through town by speaking and he still doesn’t have together financially and in other areas of his life. We broke up I fought him.with the ex-wife. Well I let the Lord know I don’t mind being alone but I am tired, and I mean tired of being alone NOW, BIT RIGHT NOW!!! I am not getting any younger Steve and Marjorie. Steve I felt your sorrow when you said tje.something before Marjorie.came into your life. I would appreciate your advice or help if possible. From Ms. Librarian Earlene Lee-Simpson/ Lady E. From Wilmington, Delaware P.S. Once.again I have no Valentine in my life this year. God bless you both.

  4. Mr Harvey. I loveeeee what God is doin through u Ever since I saw u in comedy show at Foxwoods. Book signing is Barnes Bronx. My daughter wanted to meet u and u actually noticed her and gave her a compliment. She loves ya. I love listening to u 6 am on my school bus. You’re amazing. And now the judge. Omggggg we need laughter and what you’re doin is astonishing. I’m so happy to say you’re my mentor and God usesto speak every morning exactly what we need. Keep goin. Love Marjorie also she’s so adorable God bless u amd family.

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day Steve and family. Much love to you all .Pastor Beal

  6. That right there was so sweet Steve what you told Marjorie and I know that you’re the Happiest man on earth because the way you express your love to Marjorie and for the whole world to know is Beautiful. God bless you both i think you’re a Beautiful couple that God put together forever. Happy Valentines Day!!!❤🌹🥂

  7. Thanks 😊

  8. On August 14th 2021 I held a “Love Rally” in Central Park in Ardmore Oklahoma to Launch my “Love Everyone Challenge Campaign” it rained that day but I still went on with the Rally. We shared stories of our adversities and triumphs over racism in America. We also showed love to all the homeless people who basically live at this particular park. I actually invited Oprah, Tyler Perry and Will Smith. If you Google me you’ll see the press release for the event. Anyway sending love to Steve and Marjorie I hope one day to find Love again. In the meantime I choose to Love Everyone from a pure heart. Also Check me out on my YouTube channel.”The Above Ground Railroad” and “Veronica’s Revelation Truth Session”

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