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How many of you remember the 10-way suit growing up??

How many of you remember the 10-way suit growing up?? ????????????You could reverse the vest, with the pants, and turn the jacket inside out. Man, I was sharp! Don’t act like I’m the only one who’s parents bought this reversible suit from Sears for their kids at Easter time. ????????????Well, I loved suits so much as a kid I stole one from a suit store. You know I couldn’t get this past, my parents. Watch what happens next.

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  1. Whenever I tell a person how much Steve Harvey has enriched my life the response is always the same. Steve Harvey is great!

    I am battling through my first year as a widow. I adored my husband. We had forty-three years together. I miss him terribly.

    Every Night I go on You Tube to watch Steve. I wish that I had a man talk to me so candidly about the nature of men when I was a young woman. It would have saved me a great deal of heart ache and money too.

    Steve’s positive, honest , entertaining way of explaining life has lifted my spirits and encouraged me to get into the process of producing a game for children that teaches about bullying, creates social play and doesn’t need batteries.

    Thank you Steve for the motivation.

    God bless you and your family.

    Cherie Barnett, RECE ( Registered Early Childhood Educator)
    Ontario, Canada

  2. Absolutely true

  3. I know you already know. Still I gotta say it or I feel like I will burst….GOD has been BLESSING YOU ! Even just getting a back hand. Now my Daddy had some big hands all I had to do was see him raise it at me …I would faint. The suit man ( not going to try to spell his name) was Blessed to be a Blessing…you alright Uncle Steve..
    GOD Bless ya!

  4. Great inspiration from your experience Steve

  5. Thoughtful , kind and funny rolled up in one.

  6. Steve, I love you, you are so inspiring. I watch you every day and night, and listen to your radio show every day.

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