The Power Of Hope | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

If you could just keep believing when nothing is working… If you can manage to keep HOPE. 

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  1. The old hymn Whispering Hope immediately came to mind, Mr. Steve! I really needed to hear this today; I lost my fiance in December. We had been high school Sweethearts, life cruelly separated us and after almost 45 years apart God finally brought us back together, and we were full of hope and joy. Then in November last year he came down with Covid and he passed Dec 23. Every day now is a struggle, with all the plans we had made dissolved into an abyss of griwf. But, I am trying to cling to the Hope that My Saviour and my Almighty God will rejoin us in the perfect time and placw where there woll be no parting and no sorrow, but JOY EVERLASTING🙏❤️🙏

  2. I realky needed this today, Mr. Steve Harvey, HOPE is about all I have to lean on during this difficult time, Thank you and May God Richly Bless YOU!

  3. Yes, Hope is what has gotten black people through so many challenges. Everyday I wake up and see a better tomorrow. Hope is truly a beautiful thing.

  4. Thank you. I needed to hear those words exactly the right time. God Bless 🙏

  5. This is my life

  6. I admire you and your accomplishments. It saddens me the times we are living now. I wish I had some money to do some change in my area. If you know of some avenues I can take, I would really appreciate it. Keep up the good work. You are an awesome person with an amazing story.

  7. I love these inspirations , I look forward to receiving these emails, every Saturday morning.. thanks Steve ✊🏾

  8. I have gone from birth defect being kidnap by dad teen run
    away detention jail prison
    Unconditional First Ofenders Parden Miracles in my life
    Won Best Avtress Award in 1969
    most prestigious charity show .I
    Played Jackie O and sung a song
    Million Dollar Producer with I O F
    Had poem I wrote titled
    ” The Best Is Yet ToCome”
    published in Dr. Charles Allen ‘s book ” You Are Never Alone”
    ” The Best Is Yet To Come”
    has been my Mantra since I wrote
    it in 1972 “. “Out of Body ”
    Experience 1972. Much more to share.

  9. Thank you for your inspiration. We all sometimes need that reminder.

  10. I needed this more than you know. My husband just left our family again. Not sure if its drugs this time or another women, but it seems like I only hope in a dying marriage. Thank you

  11. Amen
    So true
    Thanks for your motivation

  12. THANKS Continue your motivation I’m am hopeful.

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