The Secret Is Out…

Are you ready to see what I’ve discovered during my winter holiday with my friend @nasdaily? The hidden gems of The Emirates. Get ready to be amazed. #WorldsCoolestWinter

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  1. Amazing and informative video on UAE. I’ll definitely plan a trip when it’s safer to travel. I loved the bubble hotel in particular! I could stay there for months.
    The kayaking and zip lining were also interesting to me.

  2. Thank you Steve
    You’re m’y favorite comédien ever

  3. Beautiful…

  4. Steve. I would love to get one for me and my soon to be wife she picks the color Amen

    1. My Dreams that one day you invite me to see some of your activities in your TV show , i love your caracter and your strong personality and how you go stright to your gaol……realy you have my. Big respect man

  5. This is amazing ! Thank you Steve.

  6. Very interesting experience, thank you

  7. Simply #Beautiful , #Relaxing & #Peaceful! I could live somewhere like this! Closest to heaven on #Earth as you can possibly get!

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