Here Are The Top 5 Moments From Showtime At The Apollo’s Premiere

Showtime At The Apollo’s newest season aired March 1st and it was totally worth the wait. Here are five of the best moments from the show’s comeback premiere:

1. Mannish became America’s favorite group.

This group of youngsters melted our hearts and left Steve in stitches with their performance of “Girlfriend.” They sang, they rapped, and most of all, they swagged out. These kids know what they’re doing.

2. Shraey Khanna blew our minds.

This dance group came all the way from India to hypnotize the crowd with their incredibly synchronized and choreographed dance routine. Their mix of “Michael Jackson meets Bollywood” is definitely unique!

3. Ericka blessed us with her vocals.

Ericka’s story about her shyness because of her skin condition made her performance of “Redbone” even more meaningful. This woman’s got some real talent.

4. Steve got involved in some stunts.

Nick Pike had Steve and Adrienne Houghton-Bailon assist him in his efforts to impress the Apollo audience with his talent: walking barefoot on broken glass while juggling knives and fire!

And that’s not all. Let’s just say… Steve wasn’t here for it.

5. Pitbull and Fifth Harmony put on a show.

Pitbull and the talented ladies of Fifth Harmony performed their song “Por Favor” and had the Apollo audience on their feet.

Don’t miss out on the rest of this amazing season—catch Showtime At The Apollo Thursdays at 9/8c on FOX.


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