A Quick Recap Of Showtime At The Apollo: Episode 2

The second episode of this iconic show did not disappoint.

Showtime At The Apollo never fails to bring us the best in entertainment, and as this season progresses, this couldn’t be more true. If you didn’t catch it the first time, here’s what you missed from the second episode of Showtime:

1. Sarah Ikumu was glorious

All the way from England, Sarah Ikumu brought grace to the Apollo stage with her rendition of “Glory.” From the first sound of her vocals, the audience went wild. This performance will give you chills.

2. Mason Pryor had to live up to his name on the legendary stage

The son of the great Richard Pryor took the Apollo stage, and at first, the crowd wasn’t a fan. But when given a second chance by Steve, Pryor had no choice but to redeem himself. This moment will completely shock you.

3. Yung Hunnid keeps his rap flow “rolling”

After perfectly (and hilariously) mimicking Steve, Yung Hunnid gave a one-of-a-kind performance: rapping on a hoverboard. And the audience was pretty into it. Even Steve got his groove on! See for yourself.

4. Macklemore and Skylar Grey take the Apollo by storm

With their performance of “Glorious,” the rap star and vocalist brought the Apollo crowd to their feet.

For more shocking moments and amazing performances, don’t miss Showtime At The Apollo on FOX, Thursdays at 9/8c.

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