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They say I’m the hardest working man in show business but believe it or not… I can’t even get a bottle of water 😆😁🤣 I love my crew but you be the judge about how they feel about me based on this bottle of water. 😆😁🤣

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  1. 😂 Hire me!!!

  2. Always enjoy Steve Harvey, he is so positive. Really miss his daytime show!

  3. I love it. I got my afternoon laughter 😄.

  4. you are funny, but your crew display a lot of love. You all have good energy.

  5. Yeah, now that’s a Damn shame Steve they don’t keep you with a fresh bottle of water!!!

  6. Steve your the greatest!!! I watch you every night in bed. I wish I could get hold of your book it sounds like good reading. I’m 83 and u make my day with your sayings and great jokes. I go to sleep happy that u have helped someone with their problems. Keep it up. One of your Fans in Queensland Australia . Love Joy Lester xxx

  7. I love Steve. I pray for him every day. Steve God’s blessing on you

  8. I think you deserve more service you do a lot on the show your mouth gets dry. Someone should cater to you

  9. I love you show. I listen to 98.5 in New Orleans every morning. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  10. Steve ,you are the best!!! I loved you with a passion.every time I watched or heard your voice I get the chills.your positveness is rubbing off on me . Keep movitating those who will take your advice!!!

  11. I love Steve Harvey.. I hope he’s back on TV live somewhere but until then I’ll look at the re-runs and listen to the radio show. HE MAKES MY Day.

  12. You are so amazing Mr Steve Harvey.

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