Who In Here Is Not Ugly? Be Honest!

Fellas, be honest - If you aren't attractive, let me know

Fellas, be honest – If you aren’t attractive, let me know 😂😂🤣 I’m just saying, there are other qualities. Some of us are attractive and some of us are not. My wife tells me all the time that I’m handsome. BUT guess what? I HAVE A MIRROR!!! 😂😂🤣

I’ve looked in the mirror for 61 years! I see these lips! This was one of the funniest behind the scenes moments.

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  1. I battle with this question all the time Steve. Standing im 5’11” but laying down I’m 6’7” because I’m a big man and like wet dough on a counter it slowly spreads out. My wife must love me because at night I spread out I wake up and her poor arm is swollen by my side stomach like silly putty. But it’s a true battle I live with everyday. I genuinely avoid mirrors it’s just a reality that’s something I can’t accept. But my queen keeps me focused and makes me feel skinny. Till I tie my shoes and find myself breathing heavy like I was in the battle of my life. All I fought was the bunny ears to go under and thru. It’s like holding my breathe deep under the sea. I come up gasping for air and all I have to show for it is crooked bunny ears off to the left of my shoes.

  2. Its true a man does not have to be handsome, its how he treats a woman thats what makes him handsome. By the way steve you handsome😋😜

  3. I love it when Steve calls attention of request or otherwise, about plain any kind of Stuff. I was born ugly to me and now 70 yrs. old, I’m uglier. Haahaa! And happy anyway. Having a good heart beats ugliness. Love yourself first and God will take care of the rest. Ugly people make this world too. Beauty is more than skin deep. Many ugly powerful people walking around. And there are so many directions to go if there’s a need to change anything about ones self in this modern world.

  4. I think my son is very handsome and have a beautiful smile. He thinks he’s ugly and very unattractive because he suffers from acne. He will be 30 years old this year and still put himself down. My son is single too and think because of the acne on his face he can’t find a woman. LAWD😮

  5. My 4 year old daughter just loves steve harvey. She says hes all fantsey

  6. Well I know I’m not a man but I raise my hand because I don’t feel that I’m attractive and I’m raising my hand to admit that 😔🖐️

  7. Congrat Mr Steeve i always enjoy your show keep on sir you are a mentor

  8. Steve is pretty ugly you gottz to admit… He’s only beautiful on the inside. Watch him smile thru the ugliness some he can’t hide… Sorry I must take my leave…just say something about me I be watching

  9. That’s hilarious however your not listening to what your wife saying Steve. She’s telling you your A good looking Man to her as well as many others personally i think your a very nice looking gentleman.
    You have so many great quilitys about you that makes you great to look at , like your very funny your kind hearted yet can be quit & masculine all while showing an example too many lady’s around the world teaching them what to expect and get out of a 100% Man. Encouraging many that there still good man out there even Black One’s lol .Thats What Makes you even more handsome on the inside and out .By the way Clean your Mirror boo because your fearfully and wonderfully made by God Almighty .
    God bless you

  10. Steve ……. just because you see big lips and think you may not be the best looking man , your wife see you different! I’m sure she loves those lips despite of what you or anyone else thinks or sees, that maybe what turns her on ya know lol

  11. Goooot damn I’m ugly AF chiseled looking face salon fine quality hair juicy fluffy soft pink vagina eating lips kind eyes tall well mannered honey complexion very well dressed deep voice Black Man from HARLEM.

  12. Love u!!!! U bring me sooo much laughter . After a long day or a stressed day, its therapy to my soul, and my mind!!


    Are you kidding me…in a program early enough for children to see…with the word FAMILY in the title?

    Unless you intend to ask the question: What size glass does a man’s penis fit in? I…you can expect a

    good deal of blow back from this very poor choice of question for FAMILY FEUD. You can count this among your ‘classic fail’ decisions.

  14. I will no longer watch Little Big Shots. It’s not the same without you Mr Harvey. Your talk show inspired me so much. GOD will guide your next journey and bless you for your goodness. I am praying for you always.

  15. Do you have I just want to see you so amazing and is a blessing that you want to help some of us black people out God bless your soul Continue on with the good work

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