Why I Quit Standup | The Steve Files

I knew that if I continued with standup I would lose my career… Cancel culture is real.

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  1. Hey Steve Harvey, wow, all you’ve done and continue to do. Yes sometimes we have to give up things we love. But when you are covered in the blood of Jesus, all things work together for the good! God’s blessing continue to cover & keep you. I enjoy and love your gifts that you share with the world.

  2. i appreciate your frankness in your video. My husband and I love to watch Family Feud that my husband records. We are fully entertained and can relaxwhile watching the show. Our dream is to be on the show and to meet you in person some day.

  3. “Why I quit standup” by Steve Harvey”. I had to comment on this one. Sometimes, when we do something, it’s not about us when all of sudden we stop. We don’t know what God has in store for us. It could be bigger and better things. Yes, it may hurt because we love what we do, but guess what? Sometimes, we got too leave some of the things that we do Love and move on. We might not agree in the beginning, but in the end God will show and teach us to love again. Guess what? We will.

  4. Obviously your decision to stop :Standup” was a timely move
    even though it broke your heart;
    The doors opened & you have proven
    to ALL, how Qualified you are not only as an Entertainet, but as a Great Businessman. Few can compete with your tenacity and willpower.
    “Standup” was your Anchor and LOVE, bringing you through the
    TOUGH TIMES while simultaneously
    paving the way for your current
    success and shared Insight that helps and strengthens others to realize and promote their dreams .

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