You Have To Be Willing To Take The Steps | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

Most people don’t understand the steps that it takes to be successful. It takes a long time to make a lot of money. People look at my success now but miss the broke and homelessness part of my life. Keep your head up and reach your goals.

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  1. I truly understand these words of facts. I am sixty-five and is now trying to achieve where I would have wanted to be years ago. I am a widower who was receiving Social Security of under $1,000 a month trying to keep food on the table. I have gone back to work and making what I feel is a decent salary so I can purchase a vehicle for myself. I work from home and live in a senior’s community and alone. I am truly blessed and share what I can by donating to organizations that has been instrumental in my life. I am going to get into the restaurant business. My family and I had a Caribbean and Bar-b-Que at different times once that I enjoyed. they were very successful. I love hearing you talk and share what it takes for you and it is instrumental to others as well. Thanks

  2. Beautifully said Steve you are correct and you have to love what you do in order to be successful in Jesus name amen

  3. Thank you Steve for sharing the truth.

  4. Dear Steve: Every once-in-a-while I reflect on your book, Think Like a Man Act Like a Lady. It was a pivotal point in my life. Not certain if it’s kept me single since the divorce or afraid to jump. Speaking on reflection, I’ve had plenty of real dreams/visions where the requirement was jumping but I was always too afraid to jump and never did. (Earnestly at those times I did not know or understand the significance and/or interpretation until you emphasize the need to Jump. Thank you). Yet I consider myself brave. Matter of fact, yesterday the thing made a 360 during a recent Lori Harvey interview where she briefly mentioned the book and here you are today giving more inspiration. Thank you. 68. Have an excellent idea for potato chips. No longer afraid to jump even with less than a thousand $ in hand. Thing is, I feel like I’m missing that Godly hand on my back pushing me off and out so I can soar. Growing up in Barbados back-in-the-day most parents cautioned children about soaring off hills ’cause really, Barbados do not have mountains. (” breck yuh bones and end up in Queen Elizabeth Hospital)”. I was way too scared of breaking bones and ending up in the hospital waiting hours or perhaps days to see a doctor). Imagine that! not death but thought of breaking bones gave me paralysis. By the way, my big brother, Leo, was born physically paralyzed (didn’t even realize the connection until now)! Thank you, Steve, for all you do to raise consciousness and pardon me for any short comings. Respectfully, Marcia

  5. I can imagine your success took you many years to get where you are today. I unemployed to locate a job but my age I know it makes a difference plus I have a handicap also a lot of determination for success. My faith is strong as God is my ultimate Provider.

  6. Steve, you are absolutely CORRECT! It takes hard work consistently with determination and a made up mind to be successful. Young folk today are a whole nother ???

    Being in business for the past 24 yrs has had its ups and downs, and God was/is faithful.

    Thank you for all you do. Blessings to you and your family. Stay healthy and peaceful!

  7. Mr. Harvey, first I want to say, Thank you dear Lord for having a platform such as you Mr. Harvey!
    I am a 64. Year old lady retired, college grad with a four year college degree and a Army Veteran to this date have never used this degree at all! Lots of debt, but I never give up. I am writing you to ask how Can I get started if no one is willing to give me opportunity to showcase my comic humor? Ps…I can be a drama queen too!

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