Daughter is the one blind!!!!

Steve, Shirley help me!! My daughter started dateing this guy 2yrs ago and he was just the perfect young man(so we thought).. They go to the same college and they would go to Bible Study together and was very active in different Christian organizaions on the campus because it's a Christain College. We would take him on family vacations and i would even buy him clothes and shoes when we would take our daugher shopping when she came home. My daughter has always been on the Honor Roll/Princepals list all thru school and her 1st year of college. The problem is for the past 6 months this guy thinks he's dying. He contantly says that he has a terminal illness and nothing is wrong with him. He goes to the Emergency Room atleast once every week and they say nothing is wrong with him. He thinks that he has ALS, Chrons' Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Muscle Disease, Loosing his eye sight and hearing. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THIS BOY!!! His family does not want him around them because of how he's acting!! His little 4yo sister is scared of him. He sits down and looks at his hands saying his fingers is shrinking and that he cant hold anything but he can still play the video game for hours at a time. My daughter is the only one that even tolerates his foolishness but in return he treats and talk to only here buy cialis in england her like she's nothing. He tells her that if she dont beleive that he has a terminal illness then he's gonna break up with her but she still wants to hang on to him. She swears that God told her not to walk away from him because he's gonna change for the better. My husband has jacked this boy up and threaten to beat him down but the boy still acts crazy when theyre on campus together..We havent seen him since February when my husband almost beat him down and he has gotten worst!! My daughter who has always been on the principles list and honor roll all thu school is now fighting to keep her schlorship. She went from a 3.9 to a 2.8. This is not like her. He's worrying her so bad and i dnt know why she feels like she has to stay with him. I've been praying and praying and crying and praying and i know my God can and will step in. I dont want this boy around me at all and i tell her that. Her excuse is that se dont want to be alone ad dont want to start all over again...I told her that God has bigger and better things in store for her but she want hear me. As a mother i feel like its my job to protect my daughter but what can i do if she just persist on staying with him??? Please help!!!

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Lady please...this BOY is controlling everyone around him with his nonsense. Your husband needs to grow some gonats and tell your daughter the truth and exercise this hypochondriac from her life. It may hurt for a minute and may require her to change schools, whatever but it needs to be done..darn, she's almost failing anyway. A change of venues will do her good. In the meantime if you have get a restraining order from him coming near your premises, just to show you mean business. If you don't do anything, nothing will be done. It's all on your family to dispense of this irritant...and take back your lives from this faking idiot. I'm OUT

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Maybe his brai cells are shrinking instead of his fingers and why is your husband "jackin him up" He may need to run on down to 5 mg viagra the shrink and get his butt checked out. Sound like this dude has a mental illness


Dear Worried Mom I am with you it's time to DO something since your daughters boyfriend is causing such. A disturbance in your family and obviously in her life as well. On its face it sounds as if this young man has classic Hypocondriact symptoms. I wonder has his family or your daughter recommended he seek treatment and get help. I found out that these people for the most part are NOT acting or being fake? They really believe and identify with several sicknesses and a variety of illnesses. I even discovered there is a Hypochondriac Test on the internet to help diagnose...but I think this young man should seek professional help. He may be using some selective process or just be lazy to account for why he can hold a game device in his hands for hours on end. Could it be that your daughter has a fear of change and that's why she does NOT want to start the dating process over...preferring to keep the zero she has rather than get herself another man who will amount to something. Also according to most logic...the young man who thinks he has every life threatening illness is hurting as well. These people suffer from high degrees of stress and anxiety. You have done as a Mom should, both these young people need help.


Problem number 1,is that everyone is putting Faith ahead of Common Sense. The boyfriend is playing games and only your daughter is still falling for them as everyone else including a four year old is sick and tired of playing it. The boy is psychotic and going to wow it's great generic form of viagra a Religious college doesn't help at all.When COMMON SENSE should prevail God's will is thrown into the mix and everything and cialis info everyone is blamed for your daughter's love and devotion to this guy. You taught her to be a good Christian and she is true & blue and now that she is failing in school and risk losing her scholarship it's a big problem now. Her faith in God is so strong that she is going to ride this one out until she realizes that she has to make self change and do what's best her and not other's.The boy is mentally sick not physically that's all and she feels that it's in God's will to be there for him, especially since everyone else has abandoned him, she is his savior, I know it's crazy but life is crazy at times.The school of Hard Knocks must educate your daughter soon because the school of Knowledge is not and she probably hasn't had sex with the order cialis canada boy or it maybe a wrap and death do we part may be the new theme and viagra profesional'>viagra profesional being sick will be welcomed in your case.

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Hi Sounds like the perfect weirdo to me, but also sounds like you want to be the perfect mom and want things perfect for your daughter, I feel that as parents all you can do is tell her what you think and know is right in your heart. You all as parents has did you job of viagra online sales informing her...It is now up to her to follow, sometimes we as young adults have to learn and see things for ourselves. At the end we wish we would have listen, but after all thats what life's about we Live and we Learn! Let her Learn one day she will be tired of it all herself, I say until then continue to pray and When God sees fit it will work out. Maybe he's preparing her for greater, who knows?

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Thank you all for the comments an advice cocerning my daughter. Some negative. Some very worth listining to. Either wat I am a child of God and nothing or no one will ever change that. I agree he is a Hypochondriac and viagra next day I've talked with my husband about all of this but she dont feel she'll be able to find any one else or her other excuse is she dont want to start over.

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Yes find yourself a good size Hefty bag and kick him to the curb to be taken out with the trash and not the recyclables.Set an example for your four daughters most of all, they " WILL DO" what you do. So many women fail to think of this when they chose a mate. I have three sons the man that came into ours sandbox turned out to be the greatest husband & dad a woman can be blessed with. You already had a bad taste with this guy don't go for a second.

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LW-Your definetly in a pickle with your daughter. If I were in your shoes, I would take her to the school financial aide office and let them tell her she's about to loose her scholarship, if you haven't already done so. Keep you husband OUT of this situation before he looses his freedom and get locked up for assault. As hard as it may sound, you'll have to let her learn for herself and the mistakes will come to light sooner or later. Next, you didn't say where the college is in relation to price of levitra your house. If you're paying anything for her to go to college, cancel her form payment and that will force her to move back in with you; that will help a little (if she will accept it). If all else fails, she'll have to find out in the worse way.


Your daughter should not walk away from this fool, but RUN! This boy is psychotic and is paranoid crazy. Whatever is guiding his thought pattern is sooner or later going to direct his hostility toward your daughter. Get your daughter into some type of counseling. She needs help in dealing with why she is hanging onto this loser. Praying that your daughter gets away and soon.

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Maybe a restraining order is an idea. The crazy boy needs to see a head doctor not a medical one. Your daughter is lazy and young. She will be alone at some point in her life. No use in delaying the inevitable. She needs to leave him alone. Religion allows people to put with crazy behavior in the name of The Lord.

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Now this is an interesting letter ... lol I laughed halfway through it. The boy is a hypochondriac. He needs serious counseling. He has more side effects than someone poppin mollies or LSD, smh. Your daughter? She just needs a job to spend less time with him. RA, work study, student ambassador, something. Prayer DOES work, don't get me wrong. But either the school is ineffective or all of yall prayers are hitting the ceiling. All this faith in this letter, yet everyone is going bonkers from the boy to your daughter to your husband to YOU. Everybody needs to take a chill pill, no pun intended (Xanax) "AAHHHH I'm shrinking!!!" Steve is going to clown something terrible on this letter.

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You can only open eyes that want to be opened. My piece of advice on this letter would be to approach her not on the subject of this young boy but on her grades. Put the thought in her head that her grades are more important than this boy. I say boy because he seems selfish, if he truly loved your daughter he would not put her through this. I had a mother approach me regarding my relationship with her daughter. Of course, being a part of different generation respect for elders was important. When noticed her daughters grades were slipping, she told me that if I loved her daughter I wouldn't interfere with her success and asked that I leave her alone. This kid she's dealing doesn't appear to be her equal. Doesn't the scripture say that you will meet your equal.

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He has too many demons, fled in the quickness before those (demons) attached to you and your family. If she stays with him it is because she is a familiarly spirit; and the spirit assignment is to take them both out and destroy the family. Deliverance is real and all involve needs it now…. In Jesus Name!!!

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I saw and recommended site herbal alternative to viagra episode on investigations discovery channel similar to this story. They were in college and the guy lied to her saying he had cancer and couldn't afford the treatments, she was given him money and taking of him. To make a long story short he ended up killing her! She need to get her daughter out of this situation fast!!

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He has too many demons, fled in the quickness before those (demons) attached to you and your family. If she stays with him it is because she is a familiarly spirit; and the spirit assignment is to take them both out and destroy the family. Deliverance is real and all involve needs it now…. In Jesus Name!!! GAME OVER...


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